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Lenovo users lawyer up over hole-filled, HTTPS-breaking Superfish adware

by Gizmoration February 24, 2015
In the wake of last week’s Lenovo’s Superfish debacle, at least one person has filed a lawsuit against the computer manufacturer and its notorious software partner, and one class-action investigation has begun. San Diego blogger Jessica Bennett filed a lawsuit in federal court last week, charging Lenovo and Superfish with violating state and federal wiretap [...]
lottery winner child support

$338M Powerball Winner Faces Unpaid Child Support Charges

by Anna Johnsonon March 29, 2013
Pedro Quezada, the New Jersey’s Powerball lottery winner of $338 million, celebrated his win last week, during a press conference, but things are not so great anymore. According to NYDailyNews, the former “bodega owner” is wanted for unpaid child support and he is unable to claim the amount of money until he pays $29,000, the [...]