The Xbox One runs on Windows 8

by Ryan Burgesson April 21, 2014
Whilst many thought the Xbox One ran just 2 OS’ with a switcher for the two it is now been revealed that the Xbox One in fact runs 3 different operating systems. It was found that the Xbox One contains a fully fledged Windows 8, a stripped down Windows 8 and a host OS. The […]

Amazing Spiderman 2 ‘delayed indefinitely’ on Xbox One

by Ryan Burgesson April 17, 2014
Activision today has told MCV that Amazing Spiderman 2 has been delayed until further notice on Microsoft’s Xbox One. Activision said: We want to inform you that we are revising our release plans for ASM2 on Xbox One, When and whether ASM2 is released on Xbox One is TBD. This is very strange and I […]

Titanfall Xbox 360 boosts sales 220% in the UK

by Ryan Burgesson April 14, 2014
The previous generation crowd are making their voices heard as Titanfall on the Xbox 360 has boosted Titanfall’s sales 220% pushing it back to the top of the UK charts. 70% of the units sold were on the Xbox 360 and it just goes to show that Titanfall wasn’t quite the system seller many thought […]


Trials Fusion to run at 1080p on PS4 and 900p on Xbox One

by Ryan Burgesson April 12, 2014
Ubisoft’s Trials Fusion has been revealed to run at different resolutions on each console and of course it is the PS4 that has won out. This can not keep happening to Microsoft everytime news like this appears it really shows the gulf in hardware power and shows up their much more expensive console. Of course […]

DirectX 12 is coming to Xbox One

by Ryan Burgesson April 8, 2014
It was revealed at the GDC that DirectX 12 would be coming to Xbox One and now we have some details on what exactly DX12 will bring to the table for Microsoft. Stardock CEO Brad Wardell had this to say on Neowin about the updated API: The results are spectacular. Not just in theory but […]


Microsoft are considering Xbox 360 emulation for the Xbox One

by Ryan Burgesson April 7, 2014
In an interview at the Microsoft Build Developer Conference, development lead Fred Savage explained the difficulties behind a 360 emulator on the Xbox One. Fred Savage said: There are, but we’re not done thinking them through yet, unfortunately, It turns out to be hard to emulate the PowerPC stuff on the X86 stuff. So there’s […]

Halo 2 and 3 appear as official Steam groups

by Ryan Burgesson April 6, 2014
Today it was discovered that Halo 2 and 3 official steam groups have been added to the Steam Community. What makes this interesting is that only Valve can add official Steam groups so this is a pretty big statement that the two of the most popular FPS’ ever made will finally be coming to Steam. […]


Plex is coming to Xbox One

by Ryan Burgesson April 5, 2014
Plex the home media OS has announced today that Microsoft has approved a Plex client for the Xbox One. Plex is an amazing free Linux based OS that turns any machine into quite an impressive home media centre. This should hopefully pave the way for many more applications, like the hugely popular XBMC. Microsoft have […]

Microsoft to launch the Xbox One in China

by Ryan Burgesson March 31, 2014
In what may come of some surprise, Microsoft has managed to arrange the release of the Xbox One in China. This move could mean a lot of money for Microsoft, China is relatively untouched due to their various human rights issues but Microsoft’s Zhang Yaqin, global vice president said that they: would add more content […]


Microsoft reveals Kinect V2 for Windows

by Ryan Burgesson March 29, 2014
Microsoft showed off recently their ‘new’ Kinect for Windows PC’s, the major difference between it and the Xbox One version is the removal of the xbox branding. You will need ‘a hub’, a USB 3.0 port and a power supply connection to use the Kinect with your PC. The ‘hub’ is something that allows the […]

Microsoft won’t allow Xbox One and PC Cross-platform play

by Ryan Burgesson March 27, 2014
War Thunder Developer Gaijin Entertainment revealed today in an interview that Microsoft will not permit cross-platform play. In a rather typical move by Microsoft it looks like we’ll never see the cross-platform play that pretty much every gamer would like to see. Microsoft will not allow this cross-platform play because of their process of verifying […]

Greg Costikyan’s GDC 2014 rant

by Ryan Burgesson March 24, 2014
At GDC there is a ‘rant’ session every year, this session allows people within the game industry to speak out against trends they find worrying in the industry. This year it was the turn of Greg Costikyan, This year marks the rant session’s 10th anniversary and Greg Costikyan (he also spoke in 2005′s session) took to […]


Phil Spencer on Valve, Titanfall and Xbox One

by Ryan Burgesson March 22, 2014
On stage at this years GDC in San Francisco Microsoft exec Phil Spencer spoke about a range of subjects. Here are a few choice quotes: I think Valve is an incredible company, They’ve been the backbone for PC gaming for the last decade. As a Windows company, I appreciate what they’ve done. In many ways, […]

Microsoft to give XP users $100 off of select Windows 8 PC’s

by Ryan Burgesson March 22, 2014
I reported a while back about Microsoft ending their support of XP in an attempt to get people to move to their currently failing Windows 8 now though Microsoft are throwing money into the mix with $100 off of select Windows 8 PC’s. Though to see what models this discount applies to you have to […]


Bulletstorm has disappeared from Steam

by Ryan Burgesson March 21, 2014
Bulletstorm was discovered to have been removed from Steam yesterday, many speculate this is the work of the slowly dying Games For Windows Live. Games For Windows Live is set to finally expire on July 1st leaving many games needing to patch out the requirement or their online features will cease to work (if they […]

Xbox One sees a 96% boost in sales in the UK as Titanfall launches

by Ryan Burgesson March 17, 2014
Titanfall launched 3 days ago in the UK and it is already paying dividends for Microsoft as their Xbox One has seen a 96% boost in sales. Microsoft in an attempt to push as many systems as possible bundled Titanfall along with an Xbox One at a cut price of £399 for a limited time. […]


Xbox’s Phil Spencer explains why Games with Gold is different to PS+

by Ryan Burgesson March 10, 2014
At SXSW, Microsoft Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer explained why there is a gulf in quality in the games offered by the two competing services, Games with Gold and PS+. Phil Spencer said at his Q&A panel at SXSW: One of our issues with Games with Gold — not ‘issues,’ but differences between the […]

DirectX 12 set to be revealed at GDC

by Ryan Burgesson March 9, 2014
A new twitter page has emerged with the name of DirectX 12 followed by an announcement that the full reveal will be made at GDC on March 20th. Though thanks to some great detective work from Neogaf it seems there has been some info found on what the presentation will include. Thanks to Neogaf member […]


Microsoft trying to persuade politicans to purchase targeted adverts

by Ryan Burgesson March 9, 2014
Microsoft officials were seen plugging targeted advertising at the CPAC (annual conference for conservatives). As midterm elections start to heat up in the US, Microsoft are trying to sell advertising space on Xbox Live, Skype, MSN and other MS platforms. Microsoft are selling themselves as being able to match Microsoft user IDs and other various […]

Xbox Live Cross-Platform for Android and iOS Under Development

by Eric Brownon March 5, 2014
If you thought that Titanfall was the only big card up Microsoft’s sleeve then you’ve never been so wrong. The company is actually thinking of extending its Xbox Live gaming experience to other platforms like iOS and Android in the future. Xbox Live to Power Android and iOS Games Apple and Google both use their […]
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Forget WhatsApp, Here’s What You Need: Telegram

by Gizmoration March 4, 2014
Letters—Morse code—SMSs—Instant Messengers. The world of communication has developed by many folds in the 20th Century itself. The world is shrinking; you can instantly connect with anyone from US, Australia or Germany. But, when it comes to instant messenger, nothing can beat WhatsApp (until now). WhatsApp recently got into news with its acquisition by Facebook for […]