SMS tracker

Find Out the Slackers – Use Mobile Spy

by on December 12, 2013
Are you suspicious that your employees are doing everything other than working? Get this suspicion off your mind and be sure with SMS tracker app. Every organization has some slackers who just reach office to do nothing but gossip around from one table to another. Some of them are way too over smart. They show […]
VoIP Service

How Small Businesses are Benefiting from VoIPs

by Nick Adamson December 9, 2013
In addition to saving money, there are a plethora of benefits to switching over to a VoIP. One of the most significant benefits is the enhancement of customer service.   This is especially important to small businesses, who are often already understaffed.  Let’s examine a few additional ways VoIP can be used to help your small […]
Facebook social media

IDC Survey Reveals Social Media and Facebook Addiction

by Nick Adamson March 29, 2013
A couple of days ago the IDC (International Data Corporation) released a Facebook addiction sponsored survey that examined the activities of smartphone users in an attempt to demonstrate just how important social media has become in peoples every day lives. The online survey was administered for one week earlier this month amongst 7,446 people that […]

samsung galaxy s4

Unusual Samsung Galaxy S4 Video Promots The Smartphone

by Eric Brownon March 4, 2013
Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released on March 14th during a press event in New York City and the company is already teasing us with a promotional video called “Samsung Unpacked”. Samsung  sent invitations to media companies with the following message “Be Ready 4 the Next Galaxy.” The clip contains no information, specifications or image […]

Top 5 Viral YouTube Videos of 2012 (WATCH)

by Chris Murphyon November 14, 2012
We all love viral videos. And this year it was an explosion of them. Take a look at the most watched videos on YouTube in the year 2012, you might already know a few of them. Viral YouTube Videos of 2012: 1. KONY 2012     2. Gangnam Style      3. The Dramatic Surprise […]


Waiting For Windows Phone 8 Lumia? It May Be Released On September 5

by Gizmoration August 16, 2012
Microsoft and the mobile company, Nokia are launching a joint press event on September 5th.  According to the rumors this event will definitely focus on Nokia’s first Windows Phone 8 device, named Lumia. We do not have inside information, but the rumors are already starting to flood the websites and as soon as we will […]