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Ghost Drone

Ghost Drone is An Aerial Filming Miracle

by Ranjan Yadavon April 23, 2015
Ghost Drone is an aerial filming miracle from San Francisco, California, campaigned on Indiegogo crowdfunding portal. Ghost Drone turns the average jack into a filmmaker by allowing to capture your adventures with amazing aerial shots. Ghost is the world’s easiest drone to fly, it is perfect for first-timers and experienced pilots alike. The initiative is […]

PonoPlayer, A $399 Toblerone-Shaped High-Res Music Player

by Ranjan Yadavon April 18, 2015
PonoPlayer, from San Francisco, CA is a high quality righteous music player from the Canadian rocker Neil Young. PonoPlayer is a rationally built device, designed by world-famous audio engineers meant to make you hear high quality PonoMusic crystal clear to its original recorded resolution. On the PonoMusic.com Store you can browse, search, purchase and download […]


Axoloti is A Unique Digital Audio Platform

by Ranjan Yadavon January 10, 2015
Axoloti is a unique digital audio platform that lets you create your own standalone digital audio instruments and effects via a graphical programming. Built in Sint-Amandsberg, Belgium, Axoloti is a new solution to create your own digital synthesizer, effects unit, groovebox or stomp-box, quick and easy. The Axoloti Patcher when attached on your computer lets […]
Desktop Record

Desktop Record Cutter: The Future For Vinyl Cutting is Here

by Ranjan Yadavon December 17, 2014
Desktop Record Cutter or DRC from Sydney, Australia, is designed with the latest, modern technology and a vintage architecture. It aims to bring a physical music medium back to the mainstream. Its aim is to bring a high resolution digital music player in our pockets or rather implanted in our teeth, along with an analogue, […]

Axent wear headphone

The Axent Wear Cat Headphones Are Finally Here

by Ranjan Yadavon December 16, 2014
Axent, from Berkeley, California, is the latest fusion of fashion and functionality, also has external cat ear speakers and LED lights. Axent Wear, a venture started by two UC Berkeley alumni, is based on an idea for some really amazing, and unique headphones that had never been pioneered prior to this. Axent Wear is a […]
PERI Duo Case

PERI Duo Case is a Strong Power, Sound Amplifier

by Ranjan Yadavon December 13, 2014
PERI Duo case is a first-of-its-kind charging case that features hi-def WiFi/Bluetooth speakers with Multi-Cast Functionality. The uniqueness of this mobile accessory on the market is a solution to the craving needs of many smart phone customers’ i.e. good battery power and amplified sound. The PERI Duo case creates an immersive audio experience that is […]

jawbone jambox portable speaker

Small, Yet Powerful Portable Speakers

by Chris Murphyon May 17, 2013
Portable speakers can be used for a day at the beach, outdoor parties or even for a business conference call. They are perfect for people on the go during trips or they can be great for somebody who is having a relaxing day at home. Portable speakers have come a long way since the large […]
Cygnett SoundWave Bluetooth Speaker

Amazing Cygnett SoundWave Bluetooth Speaker Review

by Gizmoration May 10, 2013
If you love listening to music and you do not have enough space for a professional audio system, then your smartphone isn’t the best alternative. You can choose a speaker, preferably a bluetooth one. We have tried and reviewed many speakers, but most of them are just not loud enough for an open space. There are […]

B-52’s Play the Maxim Gorky

by Chris Murphyon May 1, 2013
Happy Birthday Katie Pierson, lead singer of the B-52’s!! My favorite song of yours is Love Shack. Released September, of 1989, from Cosmic Thing. Two months later, the Maxim Gorky took sail, carrying a boatload of distinguished passengers. Bush, Gorbachev, and for this story, the B-52’s. Your chart topping song was playing in the background […]

Simpsons The Yellow album

Sergeant Pepper and the Diamond Rack

by Chris Murphyon April 23, 2013
Ergot Fungus and today, 4/21, in music, have what to do with each other? LSD you unwashed, stinky hippie! And don’t pretend you didn’t know it! On this day in 1967, the Beatles finished recording one of their biggest albums: Sergeant Pepper – Lonely Hearts Club Band, complete with backwards tracks, wah-wah pedals, fuzz box, […]
Justin Timberlake 20 20 Experience

Justin Timberlake’s “20/20 Experience” Continues Dominance

by Anna Johnsonon April 15, 2013
Releasing his first album since 2006, Justin Timberlake has reclaimed the number 1 ranking on Billboard’s 200 with his album “The 20/20 Experience”. The album officially dropped under the RCA record label on March 15, 2013 selling 968,000 copies in the first week and debuted at number 1 on the Billboard list generated by the […]

Google Street View car hijacked

Music Band Hijacks Google’s Street View Car For Videoclip

by Chris Murphyon March 30, 2013
This must be a first: a trending video seems to show how a group of people is “hijacking” a Google’s Street View car to make their own Street View style music video. This is either the stupidest thing ever or a brilliant marketing stunt. Either way it is worth watching it for almost four minutes […]
pitch perfect movie

Anna Kendrick Making Music? ‘Cups’ To Go Full Length

by Nick Adamson March 27, 2013
Anna Kendrick is making a music video and recording a radio single… despite the fact that the movie where the song comes from was released last year and has been out on DVD for a while. See also Enter The Tribeca Film Festival Competition With a 6-Second Vine Some of you may be shaking your head […]

Bass Egg VERB speaker

Bass Egg Review: It Makes Everything a Speaker

by Nick Adamson March 14, 2013
The Bass Egg line represents portable, wireless audio devices that use different surfaces and vibrations to amplify music. Bass Egg is the creation of Jonathan Bouchlas (currently CEO of Bass Egg LLC), Cameron Hitchcock, Adam McPherson (EVP). The first product from the Bass Egg line is VERB, which offers capabilities of a frequency range of […]

Epic Christmas Light Show Synced to Dubstep (WATCH)

by Anna Johnsonon December 3, 2012
This is a house in Meridian, Idaho, synchronized to Dubstep and some other Christmas songs. The video shows the dubstep and skrillex at about 2 minutes. Worth the watch! It was ploaded to YouTube last week and the already video has attracted almost 600,000 views. Watch it to see dubstep lights in action. How have […]

naughty or nice app

Santa Uses Windows Phone to Track Who’s Been Naughty or Nice

by Matthew Lucason December 1, 2012
How many times you wondered how Santa keeps track of who’s been naughty or nice? There is an app for that. In the video below, the Naughty or Nice Live App helps Santa watch out for who’s been good or bad, delivering that information directly to a live tile on his bright red Windows Phone. Santa Clause isn’t […]
Instagram video

The First Ever Music Video Filmed Entirely Using Instagram

by Nick Adamson November 30, 2012
We all know Instagram as an app for retro-filtered photos, but have you considered using it to film a video, one photo at a time? That’s what director Arturo Perez Jr. did for the official music video for the song “Invasión” by Mexico  City-based band The  Plastics Revolution. With their latest music video the band […]
gangnam style

Gangnam Style Now Most Watched Video In YouTube History (WATCH)

by Nick Adamson November 27, 2012
“Gangnam Style,” the cult hit by Korean hip-hop star Psy, has become the most viewed YouTube video of all time, beating the previous record-holder, Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” The video, which was uploaded in mid-July this year, has over 805,000,000 views, beating Bieber by more than 2 million. It also is the site’s most liked video. YouTube […]


Rebecca Black Launched A New Video ‘In Your Words’ (WATCH)

by Chris Murphyon November 27, 2012
Teen pop singer Rebecca Black has unveiled her new video for the track “In Your Words” on Friday, November 23. The 15-year-old recording artist presents her mature and mellow sound in this new single and has the matching pensive and emotive visuals to go with the lyrics. This coming from the young aspiring singer who was once […]
The 40th American Music Awards - Show

Gangnam Style ‘Too Legit To Quit': Psy and MC Hammer Duet (WATCH)

by Anna Johnsonon November 20, 2012
Both performers, Psy and MC Hammer collaborated on a mashup of “Gangnam Style” and “2 Legit 2 Quit.” The younger viewers might’ve been a little lost when Psy stopped and went Hammer-time on the American Music Awards stage on Sunday night, as the “Too Legit” single came out just over 20 years ago. But, by […]