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verizon 4g

Verizon Upgrades Its 3G Spectrum For Accomodating 4G

by Rajesh Ksskon December 7, 2014
Verizon, the pioneer in wireless communications has taken the steps towards upgrading the 3G networks that the company possess to 4G LTE in PCS bands, according to reports. These bands are being used for EV-DO in  markets. This upgradation helps the company to provide reliable LTE services at a greater speed to the consumers. The […]

2.7 Million Facebook Users Support Marriage Equality

by Nick Adamson April 2, 2013
Reportedly around 2.7 million Facebook users have changed their profile pictures to pink equal signs with a red background in order to show support for marriage equality. The Human Rights Campaign started this viral trend last Monday. They requested that supporters of the cause change their profile picture to the pink and red image in […]

pitch perfect movie

Anna Kendrick Making Music? ‘Cups’ To Go Full Length

by Nick Adamson March 27, 2013
Anna Kendrick is making a music video and recording a radio single… despite the fact that the movie where the song comes from was released last year and has been out on DVD for a while. See also Enter The Tribeca Film Festival Competition With a 6-Second Vine Some of you may be shaking your head […]
nyc payphone futuristic

This is How The New NYC Payphones May Look Like (PHOTOS)

by Nick Adamson March 7, 2013
The ‘Reinvent Payphones’ program challenged designers to bring a futurist look for the NYC payphones. According to Gothamist, in 2009, there were only four payphones in Manhattan (now there are approximately 11,000 payphones in New York City) and Mayor Bloomberg decided to change that. After more than 125 submissions, the winners of this design challenge […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Eye Scroll tracking

Samsung Galaxy S4 Eye Scroll Tracking Rumor (PHOTOS)

by Matthew Lucason March 6, 2013
The latest mobile rumor: Samsung Galaxy S4 Eye Scroll Tracking feature might be real. An inside anonymous source from Samsung told The New York Times this new sci-fi feature will help the Galaxy S4 owners to read an article without touching the screen by detecting the movement of their eyes and scrolling up and down. […]
samsung galaxy s4

Unusual Samsung Galaxy S4 Video Promots The Smartphone

by Eric Brownon March 4, 2013
Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released on March 14th during a press event in New York City and the company is already teasing us with a promotional video called “Samsung Unpacked”. Samsung  sent invitations to media companies with the following message “Be Ready 4 the Next Galaxy.” The clip contains no information, specifications or image […]

samsung galaxy s4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Be Unveiled Next Month

by Nick Adamson February 19, 2013
It is confirmed by trusted sources from TheVerge, Eldar Murtazin and others. Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released on March 14th in New York City at an event, after the tech media speculated that 15th was the big day. At the event we might also see the unveil of a Mini device. Its name is […]

New York Times Launched Contest for Tech Startups

by Anna Johnsonon February 5, 2013
New York City might be the next Sillicon Valley. This year, in the spring, New York Times will select startups, which will receive an invitation to participate in a program called TimeSpace. There will be accepted three to five early-stage startups for a four months partnership. Keep in mind that unlike other incubators, TimeSpace is not […]
Playstation 4

Playstation 4 Release Rumors Spread As Sony Plans Press Event

by Matthew Lucason February 3, 2013
Many rumors are spreading regarding the Playstation 4 launch as Sony sent invitations to the press and bloggers for a press conference in New York City for February 20th. The company did not reveal any details, but it did confirm that we will “see the future” of PlayStation. The statement was accompanied by a teaser video (see below). Recent […]

blackberry 10

BlackBerry 10 Smartphones Unveiled: Z10 and Q10

by Gizmoration January 31, 2013
BlackBerry 10 launch of the two new smartphones was held this morning in Manhattan, New York City, and  included a company name change: from Research in Motion (or RIM) to BlackBerry, a move that will bring the company back on the market now dominated by rivals like Apple and Samsung. The new BlackBerry 10 devices […]
BlackBerry preview

BlackBerry 10: What You Need To Know

by Anna Johnsonon January 24, 2013
RIM, which stands for Research In Motion, is preparing for the launch of its first BlackBerry 10 plaform. The company has unveil the new management software, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, based on a Unix-like platform called QNX (now available for download), that will help its customers keep a handle on their BlackBerry 10 smartphones. On January 30 […]

best podcasts

5 Best Podcasts of 2012

by Nick Adamson January 1, 2013
1. The Truth This audio drama format, created by the radio veteran Jonathan Mitchell, dominates the best podcasts. It debuted in 2010 with “Moon Graffiti”, a tragedy that imagined the scenario when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 mission failed. The podcast became popular when it was featured on “This American Life”. Then “That’s […]

6-Month Fall in Central Park With Time Lapse Video

by Nick Adamson November 30, 2012
One of the most striking things about New York City is the fall colors and there’s no better place to view this then Central Park. The creator of this video, Jamie Scott chose 15 locations in the park and revisited them 2 days a week for 6 months, recording all camera positions and lens information to create consistency […]


Nintendo Wii U Review: The Console Already Sold Out

by Eric Brownon November 20, 2012
Nintendo’s Wii U console is finally here, and while the majority of the reviews where positive, it is pretty clear that the gadget needs some extra work. The Nintendo Wii U console itself, for instance, looks almost exactly like the original Wii. It is longer, 10.6 inches vs. 8.5 inches for the Wii, rounder on […]

Do You Think New York City Is Emission-Free? Think Again (WATCH)

by Chris Murphyon November 18, 2012
The NYC mayor’s Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability released a study, along with a video, that explains how just much carbon dioxide (CO2) escapes into the Big Apple’s air each day. In 2010  New York City added 54 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (equivalent) to the atmosphere, but this number means little to […]


Google Creates Crisis Response Team for Hurricane Sandy

by Anna Johnsonon October 29, 2012
Hurricane Sandy approaches New York and all the authorities and media agencies are trying to keep everybody calm and inform them about what is happening next. Google launched its project called ‘Crisis Response Team’ created to track hurricane Sandy and to post updates and emergency information about the risks. You can check the Hurricane Sandy […]

Stunning New York City Time-Lapse [WATCH]

by Anna Johnsonon October 26, 2012
We all love New York City because it’s one of the greatest, but this time-lapse carries you through Central Park, Midtown, Williamsburg and Chinatown like you have never experienced before. New York: Night and Day is a combination of non-traditional video time-lapse and animation. It was filmed day and night scenes from around New York City and […]

Fox 5 News New York Presents iPhone 5 With Hologram, Laser Keyboard

by Gizmoration September 20, 2012
Fox 5 News (WNYW) live report said the iPhone 5 has a “laser keyboard” and “holographic images“. Definitely displaying a lack of technologically savvy reporting, the FOX affiliate in New York City was doing a segment on people already standing in line for the iPhone 5 in front of the 5th Avenue store. At the […]


Nokia Lumia 920 Details Revealed

by Gizmoration September 4, 2012
The new smartphone Nokia Lumia 920 will be released very soon, but until the official unveil of the gadget, here are some technical specifications: – a 4.5-inch screen; – 1.5 GHz dual-core processor; – wireless charging capabilities; – 1GB of RAM memory and 32GB of storage memory; –  8-megapixel camera on the back and a 1.3-megapixel […]