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Google’s Policy Change On Android Security Fixes is Alarming

by Ranjan Yadavon January 15, 2015
Google policy change on Android security fixes is set to affect global Android users who mau be left without fixes for bugs. Security experts indicate that multiple Android users may fall at risk as Google cuts back on security updates for old versions of its smartphone operating system. The risk emerges as Google has ceased […]
ice truck

This Pickup Truck Made of Ice Can Actually Be Driven And It’s The Best

by Eric Brownon January 2, 2014
You might want to forget about using the defroster in this truck. A new Canadian Tire advertisement features a pickup made entirely of ice. And it actually works. It’s a real truck, using 11,000 pounds of ice over a regular truck chassis complete with engine and electrical system. In an effort to showcase the strength of […]

spacex mars

First Mars Space Trip Could Be Possible in 2018

by Anna Johnsonon February 22, 2013
The multi-millionaire tourism investor, space travel visionary and the world’s first space tourist (in 2001, he stayed on board of the International Space Station for eight days – a reported $20 million worth vacation), Dennis Tito, has launched a non-profit organization named the “Inspiration Mars Foundation”, which plans a 2018 private Mars space trip. On […]

Starbucks’ Most Expensive Drink ‘Quadriginoctuple Frap’ Costs $47.30

by Anna Johnsonon February 20, 2013
Would you buy Starbucks’ Most Expensive Drink? The Quadriginoctuple Frap for $47.30? Well, this man, Beau Chevassus bought the record-breaking drink (on its birthday) from its local Washington State Starbucks in Enumclaw and posted the video on YouTube for the rest of us. The coffee included 48 shots in a venti mocha frappuccino. Some of the ingredients are […]

Firefox OS phone

Firefox Phone With Its Own OS Announced by Mozilla

by Chris Murphyon January 22, 2013
Mozilla has unveiled the first Firefox phone this week, which the company has created for developers worldwide to preview and test their new Firefox OS. Smartphone maker ZTE mentioned that it will work with a European wireless carrier to launch a smartphone with Mozilla’s Firefox mobile OS. ZTE’s CEO Cheng Lixen told Bloomberg news that the mobile […]

Prices Drop on Nokia Lumias: $39 or Even Free

by Matthew Lucason December 27, 2012
Nokia is betting on the success of the Lumia phones, which run Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Phone 8 software, to steady the company after a string of financial losses. The company’s main phone, Nokia Lumia 920, was launched through AT&T for $99. That price still stands, but the phone is available at Amazon for as low […]

The 40th American Music Awards - Show

Gangnam Style ‘Too Legit To Quit’: Psy and MC Hammer Duet (WATCH)

by Anna Johnsonon November 20, 2012
Both performers, Psy and MC Hammer collaborated on a mashup of “Gangnam Style” and “2 Legit 2 Quit.” The younger viewers might’ve been a little lost when Psy stopped and went Hammer-time on the American Music Awards stage on Sunday night, as the “Too Legit” single came out just over 20 years ago. But, by […]

Google Maps Returning To iPhone 5 – Finally

by Eric Brownon November 17, 2012
Apple Maps just didn’t work well enough for everybody. The app, which came preinstalled on the iPhone 5 got poor reviews as users pointed out its  many inaccuracies. Google is preparing to release Google Maps for the Apple devices. A Google spokesman told the Wall Street Journal, “We believe Google Maps are the most comprehensive, accurate and […]

Foxconn Cannot Keep Up With The iPhone 5 High Demand

by Chris Murphyon November 11, 2012
Foxconn CEO Terry Gou publicly revealed the difficulties the company is facing in producing the tremendous quantities required for Apple’s iPhone 5. “It’s not easy to make the iPhones. We are falling short of meeting the huge demand,” Gou told reporters following a business forum, according to a Reuters report. One of the bigger problems […]


Steve Jobs’ Yacht ‘Venus’ Unveiled [WATCH]

by Matthew Lucason October 29, 2012
Steve Jobs’s yacht is making  its first public appearance in the Dutch city of Aalsmeer, more than one year after his death. Jobs’s family is reportedly on-hand for the revealing of “Venus” which features a lightweight aluminum exterior measuring up to 260-foot long. Another image shows six of the seven 27-inch iMacs found in the […]

New App To Detect Lies From Politics

by Gizmoration August 23, 2012
This new mobile application called “Super PAC App” is designed to detect the donors and how accurate an ad’s information is. All you have to do is to hold up your iPhone, record a speech or a commercial related to politics and the app will do its job. It uses data from groups like FactCheck.org […]