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Google Reportedly To Launch Photo App With Better Privacy

by Rajesh Ksskon June 17, 2015
Google, the Internet giant is reportedly to launch photo app similar to the Google + image but with enhance privacy controls. This is in accordance with the images leaked by Android Police. According to the report the app is called Google Photos. This would be launched to the Android platform at first and would be […]
Facebook at Work App

Facebook at Work App Wants To Make Your Office Life Better

by Ranjan Yadavon January 15, 2015
Facebook has introduced a new Facebook at Work app that brings FB to the usage in a particular office of a company. Facebook’s a new app aims to increase the FB’s presence inside companies and places of work. The new app seems identical to Facebook’s core product, but it preserves posts privately inside a specific […]


Latest Instagram Update Adds Filter to Photo Effects

by Rajesh Ksskon December 20, 2014
Instagram, the popular photo-sharing application has released an update. The new update adds filters for subtle photo effects. When initially launched the application had few filters which were basically used to improve the quality of the lower quality images from the smartphones. But now it is all about how picture perfect the image is. Acting […]

Facebook Graph Search Now Available On Mobile

by Rajesh Ksskon December 10, 2014
Facebook, the largest social network, is the repository of many memories for many people. It also has the events of our lives and the news around the globe. It has become over the years a hub of information. With so much of information it always difficult to find one specific info which is why search […]


Amazing Time-lapse Videos Made with Instagram`s Hyperlapse app

by Rajesh Ksskon September 1, 2014
Videos shot from a fixed location and angle over an extended period of time are called time-lapse videos. Now Instagram has launched its new app Hyperlapse to get time-lapse videos moving. Instagram has launched this amazing app for iPhone users. This app lets the users have this amazing experience of creating shake-free images . The […]

Foodmento: A Mobile Platform for Food Lovers

by Ranjan Yadavon August 20, 2014
Foodmento is a New York based robust mobile platform for anyone to discover, organize and share the best dishes in the world. It also allows people to connect with the people who love them. Finding, trying and loving amazing new dishes is one of these experiences lived, relished best when shared with loved ones. At […]


Google Buys Image Recognition Startup Jetpac for $3.2bn

by Ranjan Yadavon August 17, 2014
Google, Mountain View, California based tech behemoth, has recently acquired the image recognition startup firm Jetpac for $3.2billion. Jetpac, founded in 2011 has its HQ in San Francisco. Jetpac gathers information from the photos that users post on social networks – e.g. Instagram, Facebook – and via an advanced process of artificial intelligence it develops […]

Social Media Wars: Google+ and Facebook Updates!

by Nick Adamson March 28, 2013
  Google+ and Facebook have both announced updates to their social media sites this week. Google+ is now allowing users to use GIFs (fancy acronym for those cool moving images you see everywhere) as profile pictures and even has a link on the Google+ webpage showing users how to make a GIF. Matt Steiner who […]

Crunchies Winners: GitHub Wins Best Startup Overall

by Eric Brownon February 1, 2013
The 6th Crunchies Annual Award Show has ended with TechCrunch, GigaOm and Venture Beat handing out 20 awards to the best startups, founders and venture capitalists. The big winner of the 2012 Crunchies is the GitHub, which is the Best Startup overall. Congratulations to all the winners: Best Technology Achievement (2011 winner: Siri) Mars Curiosity – […]

100 Social Networking Statistics

100 Social Networking Statistics and Facts for 2012 (INFOGRAPHIC)

by Chris Murphyon January 4, 2013
Each day Facebook users spend 10.5 Billion minutes, about 20,000 years, on this social network, 58% of them return daily, there are added 250 million photos daily and over 500 million likes. Oh…and 1 out of every 7 minutes spent online is spent on…Facebook! Google+ comes in second with 75 million daily users, Linkedin has […]
instagram lawsuit

Instagram Lawsuit Over Terms Of Service “Without Merit”

by Matthew Lucason December 25, 2012
Facebook’s Instagram photo sharing service has been slammed with the first civil class-action lawsuit due to the changed service terms that prompted howls of protest last week. Although Instagram changed almost immediately some of the terms of service, it still kept language indicating “that we may not always identify paid services, sponsored content, or commercial communications as […]

online tools

The 10 Best iOS And Android Apps Of 2012

by Nick Adamson December 24, 2012
While this year’s list is missing medium-defining breakthroughs like Instagram, Shazam and other popular applications, it showcases new and highly rated updated apps that simply work better than their competitors. The apps selected were either released or significantly updated between January 1st and December 21st of this year. Titles that debuted on Apple’s operating system […]

Microsoft Opens Its Own Social Network, Socl, After Beta Testing

by Matthew Lucason December 5, 2012
Microsoft has opened its own social networking site Socl to the general public, whereas before only a small subset of individuals had access as beta testers. The social network is still in beta version, so users need to keep that in mind when using it. Socl initially launched this May this year. It’s a search-meets-social […]

Instagram video

The First Ever Music Video Filmed Entirely Using Instagram

by Nick Adamson November 30, 2012
We all know Instagram as an app for retro-filtered photos, but have you considered using it to film a video, one photo at a time? That’s what director Arturo Perez Jr. did for the official music video for the song “Invasión” by Mexico  City-based band The  Plastics Revolution. With their latest music video the band […]

How To Stay Safe On Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Eric Brownon October 26, 2012
Over 1 billion people around the world are actively using Facebook, and many of those as well as millions of more people are using the several other popular Social Media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram on a daily basis as well. Just like exchanging information by any other means, such as by email […]


Facebook Launched Gifts: Send Chocolate, Flowers & Other Real Gifts To Your Friends

by Gizmoration September 28, 2012
Facebook is introducing Gifts, a new feature that will let you send and receive gifts. There are real products and you can send them to your friends, but the coolest thing is that you do not need to know where they live or work because Facebook will take care of that for you. All you […]

This Fall’s TV Shows Are Using Social Media

by Gizmoration September 17, 2012
  All the major TV networks are updating their marketing strategies with the latest trends in this field. Their are connecting this fall’s TV series to social media to attract as many viewers as they can and are letting fans watch episodes online. You have now trailers, Facebook updates, tweets, pins and full online episodes. […]