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An Important Update About The Witcher 3’s Beard Physics

by Gizmoration March 25, 2015
Is a beard growing through the course of videogame physics? I’m not entirely sure: maybe it’s just beard biology? But I’m certain my life has been empty and pointless without the excuse to say ‘beard physics’ on a regular basis, so you can be damn sure I’m seizing the opportunity today. The reason for this [...]

Tumult releases Hype 3 and Hype Professional with new HTML5 physics, responsive design tools

by Gizmoration March 18, 2015
Tumult, developer of the user-friendly HTML5 web site and animation builder Hype, today announced two major updates to the powerful OS X application. Hype 3 ($ 49.99) is a free upgrade for Hype 2 owners, refreshing the app with a new user interface — notably with a Yosemite-matching Light color theme — while making improvements to HTML accessibility, timing [...]

Hype OS X app for HTML5 animation adds responsive layouts and physics support in Pro update

by Gizmoration March 17, 2015
Tumult’s Hype app for OS X, which lets Web designers create HTML5 animations, is getting an update as well as a Professional upgrade with features like responsive layouts, reusable symbols and physics support for objects. Version 3 arrives as a free update for Hype 2 owners and adds more timing functions and Web accessibility support, [...]

The Problem with Physics Today and How We Can Make the Science Matter Again

by Gizmoration February 24, 2015
Physics is in a “sorry state,” Canadian physicists and science writers agree. What went wrong? According to Colin Gillespie, a Canadian lawyer and physicist, it was an excess of success. “Physics got too good with things that are too small,” the Time One author writes on his blog. “Physics is remote from the real world.” [...]

Scientists discovered 2 never-before-seen particles, and they’re refining our understanding of fundamental physics

by Gizmoration February 21, 2015
Scientists just announced the discovery of two never-before-seen particles hiding inside data collected by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland. The LHC is a 17-mile-long underground tunnel that hurls protons at each other at incredible speeds. Physicists study the particles that they break apart into. Physicists predicted the existence of these two new particles [...]

InBody is The New Wearable Which Will Blow Off Your Mind

by DRajon January 8, 2015
Wearable are the new technology which markets are accepting just now. InBody Band is a new smart tracker in the market which keeps the track of distance travelled, steps taken, calories burnt and your active and sleeping time ( done automatically). These features are common with any of the smart bands but this new InBody [...]

Connected Universe

Connected Universe Explores Science of Universe Interconnection

by Ranjan Yadavon December 22, 2014
Connected Universe film from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada discovers the science behind the interconnection of all things in the Universe. The film is meant to make us understand the connection that we share with all living things. It also tends to explore the fact that the patterns, found all across the Universe, are also found [...]
Nevo Watch

Nevo Watch is the First Minimalist Connected Timekeeper

by Ranjan Yadavon December 13, 2014
Nevo Watch is a modern minimalist watch aimed to combine activity tracking, phone notifications and Swiss timekeeping. Névo watch is a stylish minimalist watch that also has activity tracking, smartphone notifications and Swiss movement inside it. Nevo makes possible living a healthy, active lifestyle and yet looks good in doing so. It embeds the latest [...]

This Smartwatch Turns Your Arm Into a Touchscreen

by RJ Kon October 19, 2014
Last few months it has been a feast to the technology enthusiast with the release of most advanced gadgets like the Apple iWatch, Moto 360 etc in the wearable segment. These gadgets offer a lot to its users. Apple iWatch one among the best smart watches so far released has understood the need of the [...]

time travel

Time travel to become reality? Scientists sent light particles into the past

by Eric Brownon June 25, 2014
According to Einstein’s theory, it’s possible to travel back in time through a closed timelike curve, more commonly known as a “wormhole”. But scientists struggle with this theory because of the paradoxes that it presents. “Time travel was simulated by using a second photon to play the part of the past incarnation of the time-travelling [...]
Known Universe

This Simulation Shows Us How Incredible & Big Is The Known Universe

by Nick Adamson February 3, 2014
Recent measurements reveal that the Universe is at least 150 billion light-years in diameter. For comparison, its age is estimated to be about 13.7 billion years. Seeing how small the Earth is makes it easy to realize that we’re all just little organisms on a rock. The Known Universe project takes viewers from the Himalayas through [...]

Invisibility cloak

Harry Potter-like Invisibility Cloak Unveiled By Scientists

by Matthew Lucason March 26, 2013
If you have seen J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter movies you already have an idea about the invisibility cloak and maybe you even wish to have one in your closet. Actually this type of technology already exists, but it works only in microwave light.Well until now. Thanks to scientists from the University of Texas, Austin, we might [...]

Felix Baumgartner’s Space Jump Broke 3 World Records

by Gizmoration October 15, 2012
Felix Baumgartner’s jump from the space broke 3 world records: the highest jump from a platform (128,100 feet), the longest distance freefall (119,846 feet) and the maximum vertical velocity (833.9 mph or Mach 1.24). The 43-year-old former paratrooper with more than 2,500 jumps behind him had taken off  Sunday in a capsule carried by a [...]


Supersonic Man Freefall from Space

by Gizmoration October 14, 2012
Felix Baumgartner, the austrian skydiver, will once again attempt to break the world record for the highest, and fastest free fall in history today, Oct. 14. After a 3-hour ascent to 120,000 feet, it will take him about 10 minutes to complete the jump from space, during which Baumgartner will break the sound barrier. To [...]