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Researcher shows a ridiculously easy way to hack into smart bracelets like Fitbits

by Gizmoration March 26, 2015
A Russian security researcher was able to hack into his own smart bracelet in a relatively easy way (well, easy for a programmer). Roman Unuchek, a mobile threats expert at Kaspersy Lab, built an application that connected with dozens of devices in the wild and surreptitiously hacked into his own bracelet. He would not divulge what [...]

A Chat With The Researcher Who Found Online Bystanders Won’t Stop Bullying

by Gizmoration February 27, 2015
 Kelly Dillon, a Doctoral Candidate at the Ohio State University School of Communication, found that people generally won’t act when the see someone bullied online. This news, while not surprising to anyone with a passing interest in technology, is worrying. In short, if you’re bullied online, don’t expect help. I asked Dillon to clarify a [...]

Invisibility cloak

Harry Potter-like Invisibility Cloak Unveiled By Scientists

by Matthew Lucason March 26, 2013
If you have seen J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter movies you already have an idea about the invisibility cloak and maybe you even wish to have one in your closet. Actually this type of technology already exists, but it works only in microwave light.Well until now. Thanks to scientists from the University of Texas, Austin, we might [...]