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Once-famous robot lives quietly away from limelight

by Gizmoration February 26, 2015
America’s oldest surviving robot no longer smokes cigarettes.   There are no more long lines of people to see him, topless women haven’t danced around him in years and his legs have been broken since that amusement park gig. But… Read more ›

In Japan, robot dogs are for life – and death

by Gizmoration February 25, 2015
Isumi (Japan) (AFP) – Incense smoke wafts through the cold air of the centuries-old Buddhist temple as a priest chants a sutra, praying for the peaceful transition of the souls of the departed. It is a funeral like any other in Japan. Except that those being honoured are robot dogs, lined up on the altar, [...]

This Adorable Robot Sits On Your Shoulders And Feeds You Tomatoes While You Run

by Gizmoration February 24, 2015
 Robots. They’re eating our jobs one occupation at a time, some say. They’ll pour your drinks without expecting tips. They’ll write up the news without demands for exclusives or the penchant for whisky. And now… they’ll sit on your shoulders and feed you tomatoes while you run. Shoulder-sitting-tomato-feeders of the world, beware: you’re now obsolete. [...]

SoftBank’s emotion sensing robot Pepper will be sold at a loss

by Gizmoration February 23, 2015
SoftBank unveiled its “emotionally aware” robot Pepper last summer. Now the device is finally going on sale for over $ 9,000 – less than it costs to build. The first production run of 300 robots will be available from Friday, with the company hoping developers will build apps for the automaton. The company has said [...]

See crazy Japanese robot stuff tomatoes in runner’s mouth

by Gizmoration February 20, 2015
Energy gels are so 2014. When it comes to winning races, modern marathon runners need a robot that straps to their back and force-feeds them tomatoes. Luckily, Japan has already delivered this technological wonder. Wait till you see it in… Read more ›

Kuratas: The $1 Million Robot Suit Available On Amazon

by Gizmoration January 17, 2015
Kuratas first appeared as an ambitious interactive art installation in 2012 along with the demonstration video above. Interested buyers should check it out since it now acts as a nice how-to manual for new owners. Learn how to safely get in and out of the five-ton, 13-foot robot, how to operate its various interfaces inside [...]


LocoRobo Robotics Teaches Programming Language

by Ranjan Yadavon December 30, 2014
LocoRobo, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, is a non-profit organization (501(c)-3 status pending) whose mission is to advance programming and robotics education for everyone. The team intends to do this by combining a world-class programming ecosystem with a high quality robot. The team is comprised of passionate engineering professors, roboticists, engineers, and educators. These professionals [...]
Mia robot

Mia Robot is an Affordable Service Robot

by Ranjan Yadavon December 30, 2014
Mia Robot, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is the world’s first affordable service robot. Mia is the culmination of years of Cognitive Scripting (Artificial Intelligence), open source software development, research and planning. It is the result of rigorous studying of the robots market, buying robots, building robots, testing, using and playing with them, even marveling at [...]
Intel Edison Walking Teddy Bear

Intel’s Edison Walking Teddy Bear, Best Christmas Gift

by Ranjani Sastryon December 23, 2014
Intel Edison Module devised and powered the robot “core”, that is a cuddly bear stimulating your child’s imagination and encouraging a love of nature. The inside is the same Robosapien v1, now it can now be purchased as the WowWee Robosapien X Robot Kit. It is a an award-winning iconic humanoid robot. It is a [...]


iRobot’s App Lets You Control the ‘Bot Army’ with an Android Tablet

by RJ Kon October 11, 2014
iRobot is the most famous bot manufacturer whose bots can be used in military activities mostly. These bots perform harder and dangerous tasks. Worldwide more than 6000 iRobot’s security and defense robots are deployed. These bots do help in many dangerous activities, for example iRobot’s bots were helpful in reading the radiation levels in Fukushima [...]
Origami robot

This self-folding origami robot will amaze you

by Matthew Lucason August 9, 2014
A team of computer scientists and engineers, from Wyss Institute, Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) and MIT, have been building an origami robot that just needs to be folded together from a single sheet — and can do all of the folding on its own. While still experimental, engineering techniques drawn from origami promise [...]

Pepper robot Softbank

Softbank’s Pepper robot is human-like, reads feelings and costs $1,900

by Matthew Lucason June 6, 2014
Softbank launched the first humanoid robot called Pepper. The company, owned by Masayoshi Son, says that Pepper is an emotionally attuned robot “powered by love”. Pepper is provided with a chest-mounted 10.1-inch touch screen tablet, which he uses to display images, content or to express his own feelings. Pepper is linguistically agile, and can speak English, French, Japanese and [...]
cubestormer 3 rubik

Lego Cubestormer 3 Beats the 2011 Rubik’s Cube Solving Record by 2 Seconds

by Eric Brownon March 17, 2014
The time to beat in solving Rubik’s Cube has been 5.27 seconds since 2011. The record was set by a Lego robot, nicknamed Cubestormer 2.Well, this has just changed and the Robot to watch is now Cubestomer 3 which beat its predecessor by a whole to seconds to set the new record at 3.253 seconds. [...]

technology chip

This Day in History, Analog Makes It’s Debut

by Chris Murphyon July 18, 2013
This day in history, 1955, the operating system was demonstrated. Took 6 years to make it. Yes, it wasn’t the jelly bean, no, it wasn’t the apple. It was Analog. The Whirlwind, was demonstrated on March 8th, 1955, by Doug Ross. It was a huge, flashy, lumbering if it could move, computer, with real-time text and [...]
cyro robot jellfyish

Cyro: The Robot Jellyfish Capable of Syping

by Nick Adamson April 1, 2013
A robot jellyfish named Cyro may be swimming in the ocean with you sometime in the future and chances are you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between the two. Cyro is almost 6 feet long in diameter and weighs about 170 pounds. He has been equipped with a silicone head and eight [...]

robotex avatar robot

RoboteX Gets Over $2 Million in Funding from Peter Thiel

by Chris Murphyon March 24, 2013
RoboteX, a private security robots company, created in 2007 by Nathan Gettings in Palo Alto, California, is backed with $2.06 million by PayPal founder Peter Thiel, out of a funding round of $5 million. See also This Robot LEGO Band is Great: Watch and Listen This isn’t actually the first round of funding the company receives, RoboteX [...]
Robot LEGO band

This Robot LEGO Band is Great: Watch and Listen

by Chris Murphyon March 21, 2013
I am sure we have all seen amazing things made out of LEGO, but I think this robot LEGO band is one of the greatest inventions. The Italian producer and sound designer Giuseppe Acito came with the brilliant idea of building a LEGO band with robot members. It even has a name, “Toa Mata Band”. [...]

Robots Could Be The Teachers of the Future

by Matthew Lucason February 9, 2013
The learning experience is becoming more interactive and fun day by day, with the new technologies, iPads, touch screens and now, robots, which eventually will become the teachers of the future. A startup called RobotsLab has released a  product named RobotsLab Box, which can be used in classrooms. The box contains four robots and a [...]

College class

5 College Classes to Consider Taking

by Anna Johnsonon January 8, 2013
What college classes are students taking these days? There are a lot of new and cool classes at U.S. colleges updated with trending content like social networks, social media, viral videos and the digital area in general. Whether you want to pursue a master of public administration or finish your teaching certification, these classes are recommended [...]
autom robot

Diet Robot Autom, Now Available On Indiegogo

by Nick Adamson November 24, 2012
Deciding to go on a diet or approach a healthier lifestyle is easy. Doing it is harder. Luckily, thanks to technology there are more ways to stay motivated than ever before. This cool gadget comes in time for the holiday’s feast, and a diet robot that reminds you to eat healthy is always a good [...]