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Phablet Size Devices Are the Ones Which the World Needs

by Rajesh Ksskon August 30, 2014
In a few weeks from now there is going to be the launch of iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. With this launch it is likely that there would be a great change in smartphone market by increasing the demand for a phablet. These flagship mobiles yet to be launched are expected to come […]
Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5: Specs, Release Date, Price, Rumors

by Chris Murphyon February 1, 2014
Samsung Galaxy S5, may see light very soon. Its release date could be next month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. For the past few weeks there has been an endless stream of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Korean manufacturer’s next generation flagship smartphone. Last year it was rumored that perhaps Samsung will […]

Lenovo Vibe Z smartphone

Lenovo Launches Vibe Z $549, 5.5-inch, LTE Smartphone

by Matthew Lucason January 2, 2014
Lenovo is better known for its notebooks and laptops than for its smartphones, but that isn’t stopping the electronics maker from introducing a handful of them at CES. The Vibe Z comes in silver or titanium color. Lenovo Vibe Z will start at $549 and will be available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, United Arab […]
Samsung Galaxy S4 Eye Scroll tracking

Samsung Galaxy S4 Eye Scroll Tracking Rumor (PHOTOS)

by Matthew Lucason March 6, 2013
The latest mobile rumor: Samsung Galaxy S4 Eye Scroll Tracking feature might be real. An inside anonymous source from Samsung told The New York Times this new sci-fi feature will help the Galaxy S4 owners to read an article without touching the screen by detecting the movement of their eyes and scrolling up and down. […]

samsung galaxy s4

Unusual Samsung Galaxy S4 Video Promots The Smartphone

by Eric Brownon March 4, 2013
Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released on March 14th during a press event in New York City and the company is already teasing us with a promotional video called “Samsung Unpacked”. Samsung  sent invitations to media companies with the following message “Be Ready 4 the Next Galaxy.” The clip contains no information, specifications or image […]
Samsung galaxy s4 release date

Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date, Price and Rumors

by Nick Adamson February 5, 2013
According to the latest rumors the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date will not be until at least May 2013 (most probably April), after the company decided not to unveil its smartphones at the Mobile World Congress. Samsung may use the same strategy as they did last year with the release of the Galaxy S3. The […]

Samsung Galaxy S

More Than 100 Million Samsung Galaxy S Devices Sold

by Matthew Lucason January 14, 2013
Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones have crossed the milestone of 100 million units sales. The company made the announcement of its Flickr page; its Galaxy S series has managed to surpass this number in 2 years and 7 months since the launch of the first Galaxy smartphone in May 2010. Samsung has dominated the Android market, […]
Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

by Eric Brownon December 25, 2012
The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been available in the market for a while now, but with the recent update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (the 4.1.1 platform), not only has the S3 been given a speed boost; there’s also a lot of interesting updates. Design: Compared to the previous model, S2, the new smartphone, Galaxy […]

Flipboard App: Now Available On Android Tablets

by Chris Murphyon December 20, 2012
  Flipboard announced that its social magazine App, a single place to see everything you care about – which displays feeds from major social networks such as Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook, as well as main stream content from The New York Times, HuffPost and many others – is now available for Android tablets. The company […]

google glass

Best 5 Gadget Innovations of 2012 (PHOTOS)

by Eric Brownon November 28, 2012
Check out the Best 5 Gadget Innovations of 2012: 1. Google Glass Project Glass is a research and development program by Google Inc to develop an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD). The gadget would display information in smartphone-like format hands-free and could interact with the Internet via natural language voice commands. The prototype’s functionality appearance […]
Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review

by Chris Murphyon October 25, 2012
Samsung‘s Galaxy Note 2, is now available for pre-order from Verizon and AT&T. The shipping is free and it will start on November 27. The smartphone was just launched at Samsung’s Galaxy Note II World Tour 2012 NYC, where we got our hands on the giant smartphone/mini tablet. The Galaxy Note II features huge 5.5-inch […]

youtube videos

[VIDEOS OF THE WEEK] Check Out This Week’s Top 5 Videos

by Gizmoration September 2, 2012
This week’s Top 5 Videos: 1. Complete MSL Curiosity Descent Interpolated HD   2. We’re NASA and We Know It (Mars Curiosity)   3. Shooting The Tube   4. [GALAXY Note II] First Hands-on Video    5. [GALAXY Note 10.1] Introducing Samsung GALAXY Note 10.