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Moscow has anti-Putin sites shut down

by Ryan Burgesson March 14, 2014
Russia’s prosecutor general’s office has ordered the shut down of oppositions websites that oppose Putin. The blog of opponent Alexei Navalny, two news sites and one run by Garry Kasparov were blocked. In a statement, Moscow said the blocks were imposed because of the sites’ role in helping stage recent illegal protests. Anna Veduta, a spokeswoman […]
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Return of CEO Brian Lee Revitalizes ShoeDazzle

by Chris Murphyon May 3, 2013
Brian Lee, entrepreneur extraordinaire, currently the co-founder of two websites, both the brainchildren of Hollywood stars, is a mastermind of electronic commerce. A perpetual innovator, Lee co-founded LegalZoom with Robert Shapiro, famed lawyer for OJ Simspon. Lee then went on to be CEO and Founder of ShoeDazzle.com and recently returned after what was meant to […]

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$338M Powerball Winner Faces Unpaid Child Support Charges

by Anna Johnsonon March 29, 2013
Pedro Quezada, the New Jersey’s Powerball lottery winner of $338 million, celebrated his win last week, during a press conference, but things are not so great anymore. According to NYDailyNews, the former “bodega owner” is wanted for unpaid child support and he is unable to claim the amount of money until he pays $29,000, the […]
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Hundreds of People Affected by a Meteorite in Russia (VIDEO)

by Chris Murphyon February 15, 2013
Approximately 450 people were affected by the explosion of a meteorite in Russia earlier today and no person has been killed. This was caused by a military airplane that launched a missile to destroys the meteorite at over 30,000 feet altitude and the result was seen by thousands of people, as parts of the meteorite […]