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Rocket Internet

Rocket Internet Set for an IPO, Sells 2.5% Stake to Holtzbrink

by Ranjan Yadavon August 22, 2014
Rocket Internet, the Berlin-based e-commerce incubator and investor, is anticipated to go for a public listing on the Frankfurt stock exchange, probably in the month of September. The incubator firm is valued at around $5.7 billion and is likely to list stakes of around 15 percent by selling new shares, according to industry sources. Sources also […]
Psy Gentlemen

Culture as Currency: Gold is Down, Dollar is Fluctuating

by Chris Murphyon April 22, 2013
The dollar is staying in there. Maybe not on equal, or better value with the euro and pound tourists, but performing. How is this? Because, one of the things we export is culture, based on currency. And while even the ‘Maggie’ has depreciated over time, having less ale buying power than when it was issued, […]

Google stock price

Google Stock: To buy Or Not to Buy?

by Chris Murphyon April 12, 2013
Google’s FQ 2013 financial results are coming out April the 18th on a conference webcast call. Have Google stock? Plan on buying? You can find more details about the meeting here. Now, just because the 800 pound gorilla  has been absorbing all your searches, giving you glasses you can not only see with, but will […]
apple stock

Is The Apple Stock Rotten? The Giant Lost Preferred Spot

by Chris Murphyon April 3, 2013
Apple may have strong earnings, but the Apple stock is not only down, its major investor Fidelity Contrafund is slashing their shares. And industry analysts are not recommending to buy. As of January 23rd, 2013 a press release from Apple stated its 13-week fiscal 2013 first quarter, ending December 29, 2012, revenue reached $54.5 billion, […]


Want to Invest? Put Your Money on Verizon

by Chris Murphyon March 28, 2013
Looking to invest in telecommunications? Check out Verizon, dividend yield of 4.65%, massive revenue generating capacity and strong cash flows make the stock a hit among income investors, having jumped 22% over the past year. Source, Seeking Alpha. See also AT&T Versus Big Red: The Battle Of Mobile Coverage As of today, March 28, the stock […]

Apple is Penetrating China’s Smartphone Market

by Chris Murphyon March 21, 2013
Apple was predicted to have a 20% penetration of the Chinese smartphone market, in a Morgan Stanley report released January, 30th, 2013. Anticipating a $6.50 per share increase to the stock. At the time, a healthy $457.00, it rose to a high of $479.51 on February 12th, then dipped to a low of $428.44 on […]

android jelly bean

The Little Jelly Bean (Android 4.2) That Could

by Chris Murphyon March 20, 2013
The little Jelly Bean or Android 4.2 seems to be winning dominance of the cell phone market. Apple stock, $454.49, Google, $811.32, closing of the bell, 3/19. Also see Ding, Ding! Stocks Are In! The Wireless Coverage Battle Continues Together, iOS and Android OS, accounted for 91.1% of the global smartphone market worldwide. Strategy Analytics states […]
New York Stock Exchange

Ding, Ding! Stocks Are In! The Wireless Coverage Battle Continues

by Chris Murphyon March 19, 2013
Closing stock of Verizon on 3/18, $48.75. AT&T, $36.15. The battle for supremacy in wireless coverage continues between these two carriers who control 70% of the cell market in the U.S. Also see AT&T Versus Big Red: The Battle Of Mobile Coverage According to stocks market guide, Seeking Alpha, great app by the way, Q3 2012 […]