LG ELECTRONICS CANADA - quantum dot technology to Join LG's 4K U

LG to Boost Color of 4K TV With Layer of Quantum Dots

by RJ Kon December 18, 2014
Consumer electronics have been taking different shapes over the years. There has been huge changes seen the design and technology used in the television sets. Starting with the cathode ray tube we have reached a point where each pixel of the picture has the best clarity. The technology used in here is amazing. Smart TVs [...]
3D Printer ProtoCycler

3D Printer Filament ProtoCycler is Free And Recyclable

by Ranjan Yadavon December 17, 2014
3D Printer ProtoCycler, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a filament recycler for desktop 3D printer it does this with just a push of a button. It is safe, fast, efficient and very easy to use. ProtoCycler is a revolutionary new product that lets you to recycle waste plastic into valuable 3D printer filament. It comes [...]

WeMo Maker

WeMo Maker Connects Any Electrical Device to Internet

by RJ Kon December 14, 2014
A fully automated and connected is what the future of household going to be. The idea of a connected home is to make life easier and simpler. It aims at one touch activity in the house. For example a green icon to turn lights on, a red icon for washing machine etc. But what makes [...]
BlueSmart Carry ON

Bluesmart is World’s Earliest Smartly Connected Carry-On

by Ranjan Yadavon December 13, 2014
Bluesmart smart suitcase, by Bluesmart Technologies, is a high-quality carry-on suitcase that can be controlled from your phone, making you feel like a boss. From the app it is possible to lock and unlock it, weigh it, trace its location, be notified in case you are forgetting it behind and find out more about your [...]

Mars speaker

Mars, a Levitating Bluetooth Speaker by Crazybaby

by Ranjan Yadavon December 13, 2014
Mars is the latest fusion of music and design that is a levitating portable Bluetooth speaker with Hi-Fi Sound founded and lead designed by Allen Zheng. Mars’s levitating 360° sound projection minimizes sound wave absorption into surfaces by levitating above the subwoofer charging station. The features of Mars Bluetooth speaker are a 360° Sound Projection, [...]

Apple and IBM Team Up to launch iOS Apps for Businesses

by RJ Kon December 13, 2014
Apple and IBM are the most celebrated companies in the world of technology. Teaming up these companies was considered unlikely. But they have teamed up in July for creating business applications for the Apple devices i.e., iPhones and iPads. And now time has come for the duo to show up some results. The union has [...]

Nevo Watch

Nevo Watch is the First Minimalist Connected Timekeeper

by Ranjan Yadavon December 13, 2014
Nevo Watch is a modern minimalist watch aimed to combine activity tracking, phone notifications and Swiss timekeeping. Névo watch is a stylish minimalist watch that also has activity tracking, smartphone notifications and Swiss movement inside it. Nevo makes possible living a healthy, active lifestyle and yet looks good in doing so. It embeds the latest [...]

Ubuntu Mobile OS To Come Live In Early 2015

by RJ Kon December 8, 2014
Ubuntu Mobile, the new operating system for mobile is all set to be released in the early 2015, according to the Meizu’s official Facebook page. Almost 10 months ago, the Chinese manufacturer Meizu has announced its plans for the Ubuntu Mobile operating system. Android and iOS are the existing platforms for smartphones where Android being [...]
verizon 4g

Verizon Upgrades Its 3G Spectrum For Accomodating 4G

by RJ Kon December 7, 2014
Verizon, the pioneer in wireless communications has taken the steps towards upgrading the 3G networks that the company possess to 4G LTE in PCS bands, according to reports. These bands are being used for EV-DO in  markets. This upgradation helps the company to provide reliable LTE services at a greater speed to the consumers. The [...]

Basic CMYK

Bluetooth SIG Introduces Bluetooth 4.2: Offers 2.5 Times Faster Transfer

by RJ Kon December 6, 2014
Bluetooth, from its invention, has been the only and reliable medium of transfer of files and media across different media. It has been put to different uses like Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth music players etc. It created a revolution in wireless communication. It is reliable than Infrared, which works through line-of-sight communication. In the recent times [...]

Wireless Storage On Your Wrist With BeanBeam’s Pinto

by RJ Kon December 5, 2014
Wireless communication was made popular by Bluetooth and from then on there have been different applications of wireless communications. Now the new application is wrist-worn storage device that’s lets users securely and conveniently store their files. The device connects through Bluetooth and also has wireless charging. The name for this new device is Pinto. Pinto [...]


IBM To Enter The Email Service Competition with Verse

by RJ Kon December 2, 2014
IBM is the powerhouse of innovation and premier services to its customers and users. This tech giant has now come up with yet another interesting service. It is the next generation email client and is called as the Verse. It is designed to enrich email with social media and analysis. Earlier this month the private [...]

Exodus Unveils Amazing Solar-powered Headphones

by RJ Kon December 1, 2014
Bluetooth headphones have been in the market from a long time now. But all work on battery hich are to be recharged or replaced timely. Is there a solution for making the headphones really cord-less without any strings attached to it? The answer lies with solar-powered Bluetooth headphones. The idea of solar-powered Bluetooth headphones has [...]


Twitter To Peek Into Your Downloaded Apps For Targeted Ads

by RJ Kon November 30, 2014
Twitter is pushing hard to get the most out its resources by target ads. With this it is ramping up its advertising efforts with a help from your data. The recent announcement from the company tells that it will collect information about the apps that you download in order to provide a “more personal Twitter [...]
epaper smartwatch

This E-Paper Powered Smartwatch From Sony Is Amazing

by RJ Kon November 30, 2014
Sony has been the hub of new ground breaking technology with its trademark quality and clarity. Now the electronics giant is looking forward to introduce the one of its kind e-paper powered smart watch to the market next year, according to a new report coming from Bloomberg. This expected smart watch from the company would [...]


Nokia To Hit New Asian Markets in 2015

by RJ Kon November 24, 2014
Nokia just sold its handsets market to Microsoft and now it comes up with something new for itself. The company plans to launch a 7.9 inch tablet next year in the biggest market of world, China.The Finnish company always made its mark since its launch in 19th century as a paper manufacturer. The Apple manufacturer, Taiwan-based Foxconn, will [...]

Twitter Introduces Search Service Through The Twitter Index

by RJ Kon November 23, 2014
It’s search time with the newly announced Twitter Index. The social media giant on Tuesday has announced that it has indexed and made searchable every public tweet made since the microblogging platform’s launch in 2006. The results from the search will be available through the “All” tab of search results generated by its Web client [...]
Apple building

Apple to Pay $23.6M for Infringing Patent on Pager Tech

by RJ Kon November 23, 2014
The clash of titans is what the tech industry has been experiencing in the last few years. The leading tech companies have been fighting over the patent issues and lots of money is being paid towards the infringement of the patent rights. In the recent revelation, the leading mobile manufacturer Apple has been sued by [...]


Corning Reveals Gorilla Glass 4, Promises No More Broken iPhones

by RJ Kon November 23, 2014
For all the iPhone users whose mobiles are mostly present in the accident-prone zone here is a good news. The smartphone screen glass is getting a new update from the company and is promising more durability in the future. On Thursday, Apple supplier Corning introduced the next-generation Gorilla Glass, which it said is ten times [...]

Alba is The First Responsive Lightbulb From Stack Lighting

by RJ Kon November 22, 2014
Controlling the brightness of the room by controlling the lighting devices through an app on the smartphone is old school in this modern era. The Phillips Hue which is a Wi-Fi enabled lighting is such a device needing smartphone app. Stack Lighting wanted to create lighting devices which are independent and adjust the brightness depending [...]