Firefox OS phone

5 Must-Take Precautions While Choosing Your Hosted PBX Phone Provider

by Gizmoration October 24, 2013
True enough, finding the perfect hosted-PBX phone provider isn’t easy. That’s why many entrepreneurs end up searching the web for tips on how to distinguish excellent phone-system companies from those that make money by tricking the unwary. Well, it wouldn’t be necessary to visit a dozen websites just to learn about the most important precautions […]
Brain computer interface

Brain Computer Interface: A Mind-controlling Tool?

by Chris Murphyon March 27, 2013
Technology’s Omniscient Eye. It sees all. BCI, or Brain Computer Interface, works by recording brain activity and transmitting that information to a computer, which interprets it as various inputs and commands. The prototype looks like a rain cap with diodes and wires attached to sections of your brain, leading to a computer. It’s most commonly […]

smartphone infographic

Smartphone Facts: Theft, Loss & Damage (INFOGRAPHIC)

by Anna Johnsonon November 9, 2012
If you were to ask most people on the street to choose one item they owned that they couldn’t live without, you can almost guarantee that the majority of people would say ‘my mobile phone’. The evolution of the mobile phone has moved so fast since the brick days of the Nineties to the super-tech […]