Best Kodi Repositories in (Updated List)

This year had been pretty rough for Kodi user, I personally faced a lot of issues. So I came up with this plan to conclude something from my struggle. It all started with the copyright strike by ACE. Since then, most of the hotshot in the Kodi community had been taken down on a random basis. A lot of top players had to leave the field. Only very few of the developers are left behind now. It has been difficult to find the new working add-ons. To find the new add-ons, you need a working repository. So in this article, I planned to share some of the best Kodi Repositories which I came across during my search for the best repository.

Best Kodi Repositories

Best Kodi Repositories

Here are the list of 5 Best Kodi Repositories. Though most of these repos faced issues, they are still alive and providing support of the add-ons. So I hope these repositories can last a little longer. We will update in this article if any of these repos is taken down. So don’t forget to bookmark this page. Here we go, let’s dive into the list of Best Kodi Repositories.

1. Kodi Israel Repository (Kodil Repo)

It is one of the oldest repository still available with many best add-ons. In 2018 copyright infringement strike, Ares Repo was taken down with 100+ working addons and with 1 Million users. During that time, the Kodisrael repository (Kodil Repo) has a backup of Ares Repo. And After the copyright Infringement, the user base shifted to Kodisrael Repository(Kodil Repo). In addition to that, it also got its own add-ons. Most of the add-ons from this repository are working great. It is the most trustworthy repositories currently. It has 400+ Video add-ons, 50+ Music add-ons, and 80+ Program add-ons You can install the Kodisrael Repository(Kodil Repo) from the below link.

Repository Name: Kodisrael (Kodil Repo)

Repository URL:

2. TV Add-ons Repository (Fusion Repo)

If you are using Kodi for a while, you might have come across TV add-ons repositories. It is considered as the most important program repository. URL Resolver, the backbone of Kodi was currently maintained by TV add-ons repository. You can find all the programs add-ons in this repository. In addition to that, this repo has some cool features like Github browser, clear cache, and other programs to perform small tweaks. It has 50+ video add-on, 30+ program add-ons. You can use the below link to add this repository.

Repository Name: TV Add-ons Repository (Fusion Repo)

Repository URL:

3. Super Repository (Super Repo)

No matter how many new repositories come with better add-ons, Super repo is the largest of all. It has 1500+ addons in total. In that 1000+ add-ons are pure video add-ons for streaming movies and TV Shows. All these add-ons are arranged and categorized into sub-repository based on their type. Due to the presence of a vast number of an addon, you can go for sub-repository installation. For instance, if you are looking for a video addon, you can just install video addon sub-repository, it has all the video addon in it. You can install the super repository from the below link. And while going through the installation, select the part of the repository or ‘all’ to install the full repository.

Repository Name: Super Repository (Super Repo)

Repository URL:

4. Supremacy Repository (Supremacy Repo)

If you are a sports freak, this is the only repository, you will ever need. Supremacy repository host most of the Top sports add-ons. At first, supremacy repo hosted movies add-ons and some sports add-ons. Then after having sufficient addon in their repo, they launched their own sports addon. This addon has all the best feature from the other add-ons. You can watch all the sports events, live shows, and PPV matches with these add-ons. Supremacy sports, Planet MMA, Sports Devil, Joker are some of the sports addon available in this repository. It has 20+ video add-ons, 5 Program add-ons, and few more music & picture add-ons.  You can use the below link to install the supremacy sports repository.

Repository Name: Supremacy (Supremacy Repo)

Repository URL:

5. Lazy Kodi Repository (Lazy Kodi)

Kodi community is undergoing a lot of changes. It kind of difficult to find the working repo. Even if you found one, we can’t be sure when it faces an issue. Searching for the new repo URL is one of the most annoying things in Kodi. To solve this issue, we can use the other repository called Lazy Kodi Repo. Lasy Kodi repo is a repository for the repository for repo URLs. In simple terms, it has the working URLs of other repositories. The URLs are regularly updated and it also acts as a backup.

Since Lazy Kodi repo doesn’t host any content, so it can’t be taken down, technically. So by adding Lazy Kodi repo, you can indirectly access hundreds of repositories linked to it. You can use the below URL to link Lazy Repo to your Kodi.

Repository Name: LazyKodi Repository

Repository URL:


Well, these are the top 5 Best Kodi Repositories. We will update the list on a regular basis, so keep a tab on this post. All the repository listed in this post are working and you can install add-ons from it. We highly recommend downloading the repo and keep a copy in your local store. By doing so, you can access the content without any hindrance.

Technically, these repositories are located on the remote server. It has the support files for your add-ons to work correctly. You can have a copy of the repository in your local storage. Using that you can use these add-ons even after it was removed from the cloud storage. The only drawback of this method is, you need to manually update the repository.

You can down the repository by entering the repo URL in the address bar. Now navigate to the zip file location and save it. You can follow this step to download any Kodi repository. In addition to this, make sure your URL resolver is up to date.

These are the top 5 Best Kodi Repositories. Hope the article is informative and clear. If you are facing any issue during installation, let us know in the comments. We will solve your issue as soon as possible.