How To Clear Virtual Memory Windows 10 | Step By Step Guide

Memory is often a problematic term within the computer world. There is random access memory (RAM), and disk drive space is usually described as memory. To make things a touch more confusing, using virtual storage involves both RAM and hard disc (or solid-state drive).

Since your hard disc is a different memory type, space that is used for virtual memory will not be deleted until it is overwritten or cleared. Hence, in this article, you’ll learn how to clear virtual memory Windows 10.

clear virtual memory

What is Virtual Memory?

It seems today everything has the word virtual stuck in front of it. We have virtual reality, virtual currency, virtual machines, etc. Well before any of those existed, we had virtual memory, and it’s the technology that we use every day.

You will find it in Windows, MAC OS, LINUX, iOS, and even in ANDROID. So what is virtual memory, and how does it work? Well, let me explain. Computers have a fixed RAM, so memory can run out, especially when running multiple programs simultaneously.

Virtual memory makes it possible to compensate for a computer’s physical memory shortages by temporarily transferring data from RAM to disk storage. With virtual memory, a system can load more extensive programs or multiple programs running simultaneously, operating as if it has infinite memory space. 

how to clear virtual memory windows 10

Virtual memory can be handled through either paging or segmenting. Paging divides memory into sections or paging files. When a computer uses up its RAM, pages that aren’t in use are transferred to the part of the hard drive designated for virtual memory using a swap file.

Segmentation divides the virtual memory into segments of different lengths. Sections not in use in memory are often moved to virtual storage space on the disk drive.

Some virtual memory systems combine both segmentation and paging. The primary benefits is that memory is used more efficiently. With virtual memory, computers can run programs larger than physical memory without the added cost or hardware.

And it frees application for managing shared memory, which can sometimes lead to accidental overwrites, or sharing of sensitive information. However, it can slow a computer because data has to be mapped between virtual and physical memory, which requires extra support.

So, it’s generally better to have as much physical memory as possible.

Why You Should Clear Virtual Memory?

Virtual memory was developed to automate the movement of program code and data between main memory and auxiliary storage to offer one large store’s looks. 

This system greatly simplified the programmer’s job, notably when program code and data exceeded the most memory’s size. Low virtual storage indicates that not only the RAM available for your system hit its capacity, but that reserved hard disc space wants to release RAM has also maxed out.

This can occur during multitasking (running several programs at once) or if a single application or command requires a large RAM amount. Furthermore, memory overuse (also referred to as a memory leak) can occur. This happens when a program keeps using RAM unnecessarily.

In these circumstances, you’ll increase the quantity of virtual storage put aside on your hard disc, but adding RAM offers more significant performance boosts.

How To Clear Virtual Memory Windows 10?

There are two methods to clear virtual memory:

  • Reset virtual memory size.
  • clear registry file

How To Clear Virtual Memory Windows 10 Using The Reset Option?

  • Go to start or press the Windows key and search for Control Panel.
how to clear virtual memory windows 10
  • Change the view selection to the large icon, go-to the system.
how to clear virtual memory windows 10
  • Note down the RAM size of your computer, and click on advance system settings located at your screen’s left.
how to clear virtual memory windows 10
  • A dialogue box will appear, under Performance click on settings
how to clear virtual memory windows 10
  • Again click on advance and change the Processor scheduling to background services
how to clear virtual memory windows 10
  • Uncheck the box “Automatically manage paging file” and click on “Custom Size.”
  • Now use the formula to fill the value that is ” 1.5 x 1024 x your RAM size.” 
  • For example, if your RAM is 4 gigabytes, 1.5 x 1024 x 4, and you will get 6144 as your final value.
  • Put that value in the box ” Maximum Size (MB),” and in initial size, but the “Recommended” amount as shown by the system and click set.
  • Click apply and restart your computer. You have successfully reset your virtual memory.

How To Clear Virtual Memory Windows 10 Using Registry File?

  • Begin with the registry file tweaking process by typing “Regedt” into the Cortana search box on the Windows 10 desktop.
  • Start with the entry in the search results that refer to the Registry Editor program (regedt.exe).
how to clear virtual memory windows 10
  • With the app open, navigate to this specific key “Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management.”
how to clear virtual memory windows 10
  • On the right-hand side, double click on the “ClearPage FileAtShutdown” and change the value from “0” to “1”.
how to clear virtual memory windows 10
  • From this point until you change the value back to zero “0”, your paging file will be deleted entirely every time on shutdown and start with a new amount on restart.

Note: If all you have got is an SSD, you will want to entirely disable virtual storage. You can do that within the virtual storage panel by selecting the drive it’s on, clicking No paging file, then clicking Set.

However, doing this might limit the dimensions and number of programs you will run at just one occasion. You might try it and then turn virtual storage back on after discovering the shortage of it too restrictive.


If this method fails somehow for you and you are still facing running a slow pc, you must consider upgrading your RAM. Upgrading the RAM will increase the performance and improve the virtual memory, and you could see a boost to your performance.

If you add RAM to your computer, you are adding virtual memory as well. The maximum virtual storage set is going to be about triple the quantity of RAM your computer has.

I hope, you have learned how to clear Virtual memory Windows 10 on your system. If you have any further queries, leave a comment below. I’m glad to help you!