How To Unblock a Website Blocked by Administrator?

Do you often sick of by the blocked websites whenever you try to access something in your school, college, or office computer? Read the complete article because, in the end, you’ll know “how to unblock a website blocked by the Administrator.” So, let’s begin.

unblock a website

Why a website is blocked?

This is not a problem only with the working places or educational institutes; sometimes, some other causes. That means websites can be blocked in three variant ways such as Network level, computer level, or by government or ISP level.  

In the educational institutes or offices, different websites are blocked by the network or computer level to deny access to random users, as those devices are meant for the specific functions. There are many reasons behind this blocking, but mostly the network firewalls, installation access, blocked pores, or process lists are the restrictions for using any websites.

Such restriction is for cleaning the malicious or dangerous or adult websites at the government level, which are increasing day by day and sometimes restricted to only a specific country or region. Previously you might not hear of the process of bypass for accessing any website.

In case, if you are looking for “how to unblock a website blocked by the Administrator”, then you can use these methods below to unblock that site from blocking you. It is recommended not to perform any payment related task in the proxy sites as this can lead you to severe issues. 

How to unblock a website blocked by the Administrator?

Whether it is only a computer or network, in each case, the unblocking methods are similar. You can get several ways to unblock some sites in your working computer at your office or college by bypassing the websites to allow you to perform whatever you want.

Here we have provided a complete guide on how to unblock a website blocked by the administrator, let’s view on them.

By using DNS

DNS or Domain name system is the central part of a website, and thus by using DNS, we can easily access any website. This can either be done over HTTP/HTTPS or by using a different DNS service.


If we resolve a remote domain name system using the HTTPS protocol, then this is called DNS over HTTPS or DoH. So, by using DoH, know how to unblock a website blocked by the Administrator:

  1. Open the web browser (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Brave) and enter chrome://flags/#dns-over-https or edge://flags/#dns-over-https or brave://flags/#dns-over-https respectively.
How to unblock a website blocked by the Administrator

2. Now click on the selection button next to the “Secure DNS (DNS over HTTPS)” flag and Enable it. Then you can see a restart option in the bottom right corner, click on it. Now, all done. 

How to unblock a website blocked by the Administrator

3. In the case of Mozilla Firefox, follow these instructions, open browser<main menu<option<network setting<settings<enable DNS over HTTPS<Ok and you are all set.

Using different DNS service

You can consider using google public DNS or Cloudflare DNS service to unblock the website you want through the following method (windows 10):

  1. Open windows settings and go to the network and internet option.
  2. Then click on network and sharing center and choose your network.
  3. Go to the properties and then internet protocol version 4 and click on properties.
How to unblock a website blocked by the Administrator

4. There choose the following DNS server addresses and input and and then click on ok and close from different options. Now your DNS is changed.

How to unblock a website blocked by the Administrator

IP addresses

Sometimes websites are blocked but still can be accessed through their Internet Protocol (IP) address. You can apply this way for some sites only through the following steps:

  • Find the IP address of that websites.
How to unblock a website blocked by the Administrator
  • Now by browsing that IP address, you can open that blocked website.


In case of region or country wise restrictions to use any website, you can use Virtual Private Network or VPN to unblock that site. This method is the most secure way to use any restricted platform as it hides your original location. 

How to unblock a website blocked by the Administrator

Many companies offer VPN services, either free or paid, and vary according to the operating system. Use the popular VPNs that are available in the form of browser extensions and very more comfortable to use.

By using TOR Browser

The Onion Router or TOR is a browser generally meant for accessing the dark web. Like, the VPN TOR browser also hides your exact location or IP address from ISP and the network administrator’s eye. The way of using the TOR browser is straightforward. You need to open TOR and start accessing the blocked website.

How to unblock a website blocked by the Administrator

Proxy sites

Proxy sites are the intermediate websites that allow you to access some blocked sites through their websites. There are lots of such proxy websites through which you can get access to your popular website.

How to unblock a website blocked by the Administrator

Enter the popular proxy site and search for the URL of the website you want to unblock and then enter. Sometimes, these sites are also blocked by some institutes and companies’ authorities, so you have to find out some proxy sites working on your location accordingly.


These are some of the ways to unblock a website by IT or network administrators at your workplace or educational institution. You can use various other bypass methods like URL shortener, google translator, or much more.

Before you unblock any website, you should check their status if they live or not through some tools.  All of the above processes are 100% working, but we do not appreciate using this as they may be legal or sometimes illegal, and strict actions can be taken against them.