How to use Siri?! The ultimate user guide from beginner to Advanced

Have you ever searched for the Siri icon on your Apple device after hearing of it for the first time? If yes, you wouldn’t have found the icon. Because you need to activate Siri before using it. There are two modes by which you can activate Siri. Default mode and Voice Command mode. In this article. we will share the methods to activate Siri and how to use it effectively.

How to activate Siri on your Apple Device?

Siri is available on most of the devices. And it consumes much more power. So activating Siri will reduce your battery backup. There are four different ways with which you can activate Siri.

  • By pressing the Home button
  • By using Hey Siri
  • By using Bluetooth Headset
  • By using a carplay

By pressing the home or Slide Button

Press and hold the home button to open Siri on your Apple devices.
It will respond with two vibrations or beeps, waiting for your command.
Now ask Siri anything, you will be granted! (if it’s within its reach)

So Simple right! This is the simple way of all. Activating Siri is not a big deal, using it to the fullest extent is what you need to work on. Skip to the next section to know how you can use Siri.

By using “Hey Siri”

If Hey Siri feature is enabled on your device, you can simply activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri”. Follow the below steps to check whether the hey Siri option is enabled or not.

  • Go to settings > Siri and Search.
  • Make sure Listen for Hey Siri option is turned on.

If this feature is turned off, You can’t use the Hey Siri feature. It is also a battery-draining feature since the microphone is always turned on and looking for “Hey Siri command”.

By using Bluetooth Headset

You can use your Bluetooth headset or Airpods to enable Siri. Press and hold the call button twice on the Bluetooth headset. Or double-tap on Airpad to enable this feature.

By using car play

You can activate Siri by holding the voice command button on the steering wheel. And directly tell Siri What to do. Siri will execute the command in no time.

In case, if your car has a touch screen with a car play option, you can enable Siri by pressing and holding the home key. Now give the command to Siri. Once completed use the audio wave button, to notify Siri.

This option is mainly available because the background noise is so high in some regions. If Siri can’t hear you properly due to the background noise, you need to notify Siri for further processing.

These are the steps to activate Siri on your Apple devices. As I previously said, Activating Siri is not a big deal. You need to use Siri to its full potential.

For more advanced usage, refer to our guide things to ask Siri and Siri Shortcuts. By doing so, you can automate your daily tasks and activate it with a voice command. If you are facing any of the problems, do comment below.