Install Kodi on Roku under 2 minutes (No jailbreak required)

Roku is one of the most popular streaming devices. And Kodi supports all devices and operating system. Unfortunately, installing Kodi on Roku is a bit difficult when compared to the other devices. Probably you might read various articles on “Install Kodi on Roku”. But in reality, Roku is a closed device. You can’t install anything directly on Roku. Don’t close the tab yet, you can use a small trick to use any software on Roku. And believe me, this is the only way to install or use any software on Roku.

kodi on roku

Install Kodi On Roku

To install Kodi on Roku or any software on Roku, you can use the Roku screencast. To perform this, you need any other device with Kodi installed. For instance, a PC, Laptop or a smartphone. Make sure the other device has a screencast feature. The process is so simple, just install the Kodi on the secondary device and cast it to the Roku. By this way, you can enjoy all the games, music, video on the big screen.

Easier said than done! If that’s what you are thinking, then the process is much easier than saying it literally. You can complete the entire process in five steps. Now let’s discuss the steps to install Kodi on Roku. Before entering into the installation steps, make sure the secondary device has Kodi installed on it.

1. Install Kodi on your Secondary Device

If you are planning to use PC as your Secondary device, follow the below steps to install Kodi on PC.

  • Go to the official website of Kodi, and select download at the top right.
  • Now select the platform as windows.
  • Go for 64-bit or 32-bit installer depending on the architecture of your PC.
  • And run the downloaded file and follow the wizard.
  • Within in few seconds, you can install Kodi on PC.

If you are about to use the smartphone as the secondary device, follow the below method.

  • Go to the play store and search for KODI
  • You can directly install the Kodi on android

After installing Kodi on the secondary device, perform the below steps on your Roku to connect it as the wireless display (CASTING)

  • Go to settings > Enable Screen Mirroring > OK
  • Press the Home button on your Roku Remote
  • If you are using a PC, Go to devices> Select add a wireless display >Select Roku Device
  • If you are using a SmartPhone, Go to settings > Connections > Screen mirroring > add device > Select Roku device
  • Now your secondary device will be cast to the Roku Screen.

You can use the secondary device as a remote. So we highly recommend you to use an Android or IOS device. By this way, you can even play games on the big screen. And this is the only available way to Install Kodi on Roku. By using this method, you can even form a local ad-hoc network and share your media among the connected devices.

This is the only method to install Kodi on Roku, or perhaps use any software on Roku. Hope the tutorial is clear and understandable. If you are facing any issue do let us know in the comments. We would be glad to solve your problem.


Technically, we had come to the end of the article “How to install Kodi on Roku” but some question remains unanswered. So this section covers some of the frequently asked questions to answer. It also helps you to understand the working of Roku Streaming Stick in a better way.

1. Why you can’t directly install Kodi on Roku?

This is the prime question on the user’s mind after reading this article. When compared to other streaming devices like amazon firestick, you can’t directly install Kodi on it. Because Roku is a closed device and installation of the third-party software is strictly prohibited in Roku. In Roku, the apps are called “Channels”. Most of these channels are authorized by Roku Inc. It’s a little cost to pay for security.

2. What if my Roku doesn’t have a Screencast option?

So far Roku had released four devices in Express and Express Plus segments. The model released between 2017 doesn’t have screen mirroring option in it. All the recently released device have an inbuilt screen mirroring option. In case, if you Roku stick doesn’t have a screen mirroring option, you can’t use Kodi on Roku.

3. Is it possible to Jailbreak Roku Streaming Stick?

No, it’s not possible to jailbreak Roku Streaming Stick. For security reasons, you can’t install third-party applications on a Roku Streaming Stick. This is where the screen mirroring option comes to play.

4. Why should I install Kodi on Roku?

Roku is one of the powerful streaming devices. There are lots of stuff you can perform with the device you are holding. One such stuff is watching most of the movies and TV shows for free. Of course, Kodi streams all the contents illegally. If you are comfortable you can use Kodi on Roku to stream all the content for free. Or else it’s better to not use it.

5. How to use Kodi on Roku anonymously?

You stuck till the end of the article, so here is a little bonus for you. We know that Kodi streams illegal content. So we highly recommend you to keep your identity anonymous by using a VPN. Never ever think about going for a ‘free VPN’. Most of the free VPN sells your data to make a profit. So the data will reach a larger group of people, then it has to be. Make sure to use the premium VPN like Express VPN or IPVanish. It will make sure your identity stays anonymous. And you can stream all the content without being tracked.

If you are still reading, I tip my hat to you. Mad Respect. Hope the article is informative and clear. Comment your views below. Let’s have a healthy conversation.