How to fix olpair (aka) openload pair Kodi Error in 2 minutes

Kodi is indeed one of the best streaming application among the cord cutters. Kodi has gained a huge user base because of its add-ons. With Kodi add-ons, one can stream the movies, TV shows, live TV Channels, Sports Events, Pay Per View, etc for free. If you are using Kodi for quite a long time, you would have faced a lot of error messages. One such error is the stream authorization Kodi error. You would have come across this error while using some add-ons. This is one of the preventive measures followed by hosted servers, to prevent bot traffic and unauthorized access. In this article we will explain you the best ways to fix olpair Kodi error.

openload stream authorization

What is Olpair and Openload Stream Authorization?

Openload is one of the popular server that hosts third party stuff. You would have come across Openload in the streamers list of Kodi add-ons. The stream authorization error associated with this server is called openload pair or olpair Kodi error. You will be asked to authorize the streaming by visiting

Fixing this error is not a rocket science. You just need to know the cause of openload pair Kodi error and follow some simple steps to fix it.

Cause of Openload pair Kodi error

Kodi is just a streaming software, it doesn’t host any of the contents. It plays the content from the remote servers. These servers are the backbone of online streaming. The files hosted in these servers can be streamed with a media player, played in a browser and even downloaded via torrent. A single file hosted on the servers like Openload will be accessed by a ton of users, software, scripts, and bots. If a single file receives huge traffic from various sources then it’s obvious that the server can go down. In order to handle such traffic, these streaming providers have introduced the concept of authorization. With stream authorization, one need to pair their IP address with the server to access the content. By this way, the traffic can be controlled and the third party bots can be blocked from accessing these content.

Openload Stream authorization

Stream authorization method is effective when compared to captcha verification. Because in stream authorization method, you are validating your IP. This will give access to your IP address for 4 hours. After 4 hours, you have to repeat the process again.  This gives the wide scope of usage. Like once you validated an IP address, you can use any devices connected to the same network to stream the content. This method comes handy when a large number of a device are connected to the same network.

How to fix openload pair Kodi error?

We are entering the core of the article. A screenshot of the olpair Kodi error is given below for reference.

If you are facing a similar olpair Kodi error, then follow the steps given below to fix it under two minutes.

  1. Make a note of the URL shown. In my case, it shows ““. Then enter the same URL in the web browser.
    Tip: If you are using kodi in firestick, you can use the Firestick’s build-in silk Browser. If not, just connect your phone/laptop/PC to the same wifi and follow the following steps.
    Note: Here you are validating your IP address, so the device from which you are using Kodi doesn’t actually matters.
  2. After entering the URL, you will be navigated to the openload home page.
  3. It will show your current IP address and ask you to pair. You have to pass a captcha check, to verify that you are human. kodi error
  4. And then click “PAIR” at the bottom of the page to pair your device.
    Note: This page may contain sponsor ads. So you may go through a lot of ads, redirection, and membership promotions.
    olpair kodi
  5. After pairing you will receive a notification stating that “Pairing successful”. After receiving this notification, close the browser and access the contents on Kodi. If you still receive the same error, restart the Kodi.

Now you had gained the access for 4 hours. After 4 hours, you may receive the same error (depending on the traffic). Now follow the same steps again to gain access to the files.

Openload has also made some restrictions. for accessing the content. Like a single IP should be validated once or twice a day (depending on your location and traffic). But don’t worry! We have got a solution!

By using a VPN like IPVanish you can change your IP address and enjoy unlimited streaming. Adding to that, using a VPN will mask your online activity and let you stay anonymous. By using a VPN, your original IP will be completely masked by a duplicate IP.  And the best part is IPVanish has got 100s of  IPs. It means you can stream unlimited by changing IP addresses. And it also gives the cutting edge in accessing the geo-restricted contents on Kodi. So using a VPN is a three-on-one advantage.

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This is the best way to fix olpair Kodi error. There is also another way to fix the olpair Kodi error.

The alternative way to fix olpair Kodi error

Either you can fix olpair Kodi error or you can prevent stream authorization errors by configuring the URL resolver. URL Resolver does the work of finding the streaming links and its the backbone of Kodi. You can configure it in such a way that the URL Resolver will not fetch the openload server. As a result won’t get the stream authorization error. Though it may skip one of the working servers, there are other servers with the same contents. You can access those servers to stream directly.

Follow the steps given below to fix olpair Kodi error using URL Resolver.

  1. Go to settings > System settings. Under system settings, change the mode to expert mode. Then choose add-ons in the left pane and select manage dependencies in the right pane.
  2. Select URL Resolver from the list and select configure in the information window.
  3. Now select openload from the list and disable it. Then click OK to save the settings.
  4. This will block the openload server while fetching the streaming links.
  5. There are other streaming links which may contain the desired file. Try out this method only if feel the stream authorization is so annoying.
  6. If none other streaming link works, enable the openload server in the URL resolver settings and try out the first method.

These are the best possible ways to fix olpair Kodi error. Hope this article is informative and clear. Suggestions are welcome. If you face any other issue, do let us know via comments.