5 Best PUBG Emulator For Mac And PC

If you are a MAC owner, you might be thinking how to experience your all-time favorite game is Mac. As the Tencent mobile buddy, PUBG can be played on your Mac. Do you know how? No need to worry, there are lots of emulator options through which you can easily download and play PUBG on your MAC.

In this article, we’ll provide the best PUBG emulator for mac. With the help of these emulators, enjoy playing in the battleground and get Winner Winner Chicken dinner by defeating all your enemies.

pubg emulator for mac


Player Unknown BattleGround or PUBG is a famous android game nowadays, and its demand is increasing day by day. In this game, you can play as a soldier solely or in small groups, and the player finally remains the winner of this game and get a chicken dinner.

pubg emulator for mac

PUBG was first developed for PC by a South Korean company, namely Bluehole; however, the mobile version is produced by Tencent games from china. To date, there are about 100M+ downloads, and 20million players remain active in it every day. This game is free for download on mobile, but you have to pay for playing it through its official PC version.

But playing on mobile is not always so cool after all PC and MAC users still want to experience the best gaming on that big screen. That’s the reason that you are finding the best way to download PUBG in your MAC.  

What is an emulator?

Before going towards the list of best PUBG emulators for Mac, let’s know what an emulator is. An emulator is a software or platform which allows you to run android or various other operating system’s applications and games within its interface.

Android Emulators are the virtual devices that allow you to test different android games and applications through various user interfaces without that device’s physical availability.

In most cases, android players who are addicted to games like PUBG try to play it on computers or laptops, but if you don’t know how to download PUBG on your macOS, here is the list of 5 best emulators for PUBG on MAC.

Top 5 PUBG Emulator for Mac And PC

There are multiple android emulators out there for both PC and MAC, but choosing the best one for your Macintosh operating is difficult. So, five best Mac emulators are described below;

Nvidia Geforce Now

Nvidia Geforce is the best PUBG emulator for Mac, which provides the best user experience for Mac gamers. The emulator has lots of features, and the minimum system requirement is MacOS 10.10, DirectX 9.0, and a good internet connection of minimum 10mbps and 20mbps recommended for 720p 60FPS.

pubg emulator for mac

It is effortless to install just by visiting their official website but need high-speed internet and a subscription for the operation which is the big drawback of Nvidia Geforce. 

For downloading PUBG, you have to first set the ultra-streaming mode (reduces power consumption) in the Geforce software, and then for login into PUBG, you must buy it for $30.


Bluestacks is the all-time best PUBG emulator for Mac and PC. Not only PUBG, but it is considered the most popular emulator for any mobile applications and games. Bluestacks is the earliest android emulator by a US-based company developing its user interface day by day.  

The previous versions of Bluestacks have lots of bugs, but the latest Bluestacks 4 got lots more downloads as it fixed most of the lagging problems. 

pubg emulator for mac

Various emulators demand high charges for using a particular game or application. In contrast, Bluestacks having the oldest and popular PUBG emulator give you a chance of playing different games with different accounts or the same match with different accounts completely free. 

For downloading PUBG through Bluestacks, you have first to install Bluestacks emulator through its official website. Then here is an in-built play store and galaxy store from which you need to search and download PUBG mobile and enjoy completely free.

KO player

KO player is said to be a better alternative if you have problems with the other PUBG emulators such as Bluestacks or NOX players, etc. Like Bluestacks, KO player also provides better gaming experience for free but not as much as Bluestacks. 

pubg emulator for mac

There are no lagging problems, and thus you can enjoy PUBG with high-graphics on your Mac. For download, you need to visit their official website and then download and install it. By launching KO player, you can find the play store app whereby searching PUBG, you can easily download and enjoy it. Overall, it is the best PUBG emulator for mac.

Andy emulator

Andy is the unique PUBG emulator for mac. It provides the most amazing and specific features to the user. Unlike other emulators, you need to transfer the phone Gaming data into the laptop. But this is much easier for its mobile sync features with Mac. 

pubg emulator for mac

The minimum system requirements here are 10.8 Mac OS, dual-core intel, or AMD with visualization support, Any GPU with OpenGL 2.1 support. It is well refined, supports keymapping, and can directly control it from mobile, XBOX or PS.

NOX player

NOX player is the best alternative for the PUBG gaming experience than the above emulators as it was mainly developed for gaming purposes. This player is the most popular PUBG emulator for Mac, which supports the gamepad, keypad, and scripts at the high frame rate without any lagging issue.

pubg emulator for mac

There are lots of customization options present. You can download the NOX player by their official website, and then you will get a play store button like in Bluestacks. Here you have to search for PUBG and by a few clicks, download, and enjoy PUBG. 


All of the above mentioned PUBG emulator for mac will definitely thrill you with wonderful gaming experience with lots of good features. You can consider using one of them just by downloading on their official website and following some instructions. PUBG is an addiction for gamers, and it’s time to time updates, and improvements make it a perfect battle.