How To Fix Script Failed Kodi with 4 Simple Methods

If you are reading this article, that means your KODI is showing script failed Kodi error. Right? Well, Kodi is a multimedia software from the XBMC foundation and compatible with various types of operating systems like Windows and Android. 

You can stream your favorite movies and TV shows through KODI, and by using some add-ons, you can see whatever you want. If you are watching any unlicensed media, then use a VPN as KODI can track your IP address and report to the government.

script failed kodi

Besides, movies and TV shows you can also play music, import photographs, access recording of live TV shows from MythTV, next PVC, etc. It also allows you to change the user interface by different skins and remote control facilities.

Anyways, let’s come to the point. The script failed Kodi issues are usually a common problem in Kodi. But no need to bother, there are some steps to solve such interruption quickly. 

So, while seeing your favorite programs, you faced a script failure problem, and here in this article, we will resolve that issue to assist you with uninterrupted streaming. 

Why does it show script failed Kodi error?

Kodi updates its versions every 2-3 months to fix such bugs and security errors. Still, several types of errors, such as XBMC ESPN add-on error, failed to install a dependency, the script failed, error code 404: not found, etc.

Script Failed Kodi Error

The developers who manage this software, try to resolve all kinds of problems it shows. But sometimes the major challenge remains is the incompatibility between the Kodi version and the add-on version, which shows the script error. 

So, if you are using Kodi and show you Script error, then there are some reasons listed below: 

  • Full cache
  • The outside link cannot be accessed. 
  • Not supported repository files

Best ways to fix the script failed Kodi error

Thus, after knowing the primary reasons for script failure Kodi error, the time comes to discuss the best possible ways of resolving it.

According to different reasons, there are four methods to solve the script failed Kodi issue. Let’s discuss each one after another.

Error fix-1: Clear Cache

If your Kodi program shows the script failed Kodi error, then it may be due to filling up of cache, and by clearing them, you can quickly resolve this problem. Usually, a raw-maintenance plug-in is said to be the best cache clearing add-on on Kodi. So follow these steps to empty cache;

Script Failed Kodi Error
  1. Install the raw-maintenance plug-in
  2. After adding that plug-in successfully, now visit the home page 
  3. Open raw maintenance by clicking on the program
  4. Now clear the cache and purge packages

Error fix-2: Upgrade or Downgrade Kodi

As I told above, the script error’s primary reason is an incompatibility between versions of Kodi and its add-ons. So if you have advanced add-on, but old Kodi version or vice versa, the script reader, cannot read it and thus shows error. Therefore, follow the steps below to upgrade and downgrade Kodi.


Upgrading is always based on the operating system you use. But in most cases, you can upgrade it by visiting its official website. After that, please navigate to the latest version page and download it. Congratulations, your Kodi is now updated. Restart it and try working again.

script failed kodi


Downgrading also follows the same steps, you need to visit the older version page, and by downloading and refreshing, Kodi will go back to their older version packages. But don’t download much older versions.

script failed kodi

Error Fix-3: Upgrade Add-ons version

Sometimes the error resides behind the add-ons, and upgrading to the latest version or downgrading to an older version doesn’t work. So, in that case, also you can follow the steps below and continue your streaming:

1. Open Kodi

script failed kodi

2. By turning off the unknown source option (If on), Visit the settings page.

script failed kodi

3. Go to the file manager and add none in the source option.

4. Select the required package from add-ons

script failed kodi

5. Install them by downloading zip files

script failed kodi

6. Visit TV Add-ons Source, Kodi Repo, and XBMCHUB repository file.

7. After that, on the repository go to Tv Add-ons Repo, Video add ons, Indigo and Install.

8. Now in the maintenance tools, click on force update.

9. Your add-ons having issues are now updated. Restart and relaunch to enjoy.

Error Fix-4: Clear Database

Conflicting requests may come from the databases due to several add-ons, which generally mess up the databases itself and thus show the script failed error. So, you can get a fresh interface with no existing script errors by deleting the user data. Follow the process below, to clear the database and start from the beginning;

script failed kodi
  1. Visit Settings in Kodi
  2. Go to the file manager and now go to the profile directory and then database
  3. Find add-ons.DB, delete it, and restart Kodi again.


Kodi is popular media software that can be accessed through operating systems such as OS X, Linux, Windows, Android, and the Raspberry Pi series. It is responsible for any screen size.

If you are not sure whether it is legal or illegal, then let me say, it’s legal for their official streaming but illegal for third party torrent sites who don’t have a license to their content and thus watch in Kodi may take you in danger.

The solution to such a problem is to use a good VPN. VPNs are the Virtual private networks that hide your original IVP address and show any random location. Thus, if you are watching an insecure content in Kodi through VPN, there are no chances for the government to catch you.

So, here we discussed all possible ways to resolve the script failed Kodi issue for you. All methods are 100% working, try them, and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.