How To Get Snapchat On PC Without Bluestacks

Hey, surfer, you are reading this article means Bluestacks are no longer adjustable, and you want to replace it with the best alternatives, right? Well, Snapchat is an android app that bears some features of social media. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to get snapchat on PC without Bluestacks.

In other words, you can say that Snapchat is an application that helps you be more social. As I stated, it’s an android app, and it can’t be operated on a computer. Don’t panic. This is not true. You can easily use Snapchat on your Mac or PC by just downloading an android emulator like Bluestacks. 

how to get snapchat on pc without bluestacks

Exclusive information for those who don’t know what is an android emulator. Android emulator is a software or application for computers to test different android apps with different interfaces of the user without that physical device. If you want to know different locations of tools, then also it will help you. In short, it helps to bypass the android applications to test their functionality in different API.

But using an android application in a PC or MAC is not a very cool thing. You have to face lots of issues for handling an emulator, so people search for the alternatives of Bluestacks or any other such an android emulator. Continue reading, at the end of this article you will learn how to get Snapchat on PC without Bluestacks using some cool techniques.

What is Snapchat?

So, before knowing how to get Snapchat on PC without Bluestacks, let’s see what Snapchat is and what you can do with Snapchat. 

Well, Snapchat is a kind of social platform from Snap Inc. developed for android, and to date, there are more than one billion downloads. You can easily share your photos and videos as stories but for a temporary period. This concept of temporary sharing media started from Snapchat itself and therefore won a vast market.

how to get snapchat on pc without bluestack

The videos or images you share are known as snap, and you can share these snaps by adding some kinds of filters available here. Besides sharing snaps, you can connect with your friends through chat and emojis, watch the latest news and videos, assess snap maps for your friend’s location, or even play exciting games with your buddies. 

Also, you can video chat with 16 friends at a time. Some other great features are various languages, snap codes, communities, Lens studio, trading, etc.

So, there are many reasons why Snapchat become so popular among peoples in a short time. But people don’t want to limit themselves to a small window, and thus they explore how to get Snapchat on PC without Bluestacks.

What are the disadvantages of using Bluestacks?

The pros and cons are like two brothers. So, if there are some pros and cons is a must thing. No doubt Bluestacks are considered the best android emulator for using android apps in PC due to its eye-catching filters, but it still has several disadvantages, listed below;

  • Lots of bugs appear as you use Bluestacks.
  • These bugs can be a reason for the lagging of some other PC software (might be in case of RAM less than 4GB).
  • No option present for switching between picture mode and scene more for some applications.
  • You must have critical problems with the separation of different apps downloaded previously.

How To Get Snapchat on PC without Bluestacks

So, guys if you want to discard Bluestacks and need to try some other options for Snapchat, you can use the following four best android emulators:

1. KO Player

Do you know how to get Snapchat on PC without Bluestacks? For operating games and some resource-intensive applications, KO players serve as the best android emulator. The Ko Player is an excellent user interface but can run in the Windows operating system.

Hence, you can easily record and share your gaming experience with your friends. It is straightforward to function, but have limited options.

how to get snapchat on pc without bluestacks

How to get Snapchat on PC using KO player

  1. Firstly, download the KO player by visiting its official website. (Recommended)
  2. Install and run a KO player on your PC. 
  3. Go to play store and search for a snap chat.
  4. Download and enjoy it.

2. NOX app player

Another great app emulator includes NOX app player with an in-built google play store option and compatible controller and user-friendly. However, its disadvantages include some issues while downloading some games, not available for the android 7-beta version, and automatically tilting.

how to get snapchat on pc without bluestacks

How to get Snapchat on PC using NOX app player

  1. In the first step, download and install the NOX app player from its official website.
  2. After installing, open NOX player.
  3. Then you will get a play store app button, click on it and register for your google account.
  4. After logging in, now search snap chat on the search bar.
  5. Click on download and install.
  6. Now, open Snapchat and enjoy it.

3. Remix OS player

Remix OS Player is another advanced android emulator primarily made for Android 6.0 Marshmallow applications. It is also used for the games that provide excellent gaming experience but has specific system requirements such as minimum 8 GB RAM, intel core i5 processor, and 5GB free drive space. The most unusual feature of it is its availability for several other languages. But the significant cons include its inability to download APK files and huge setup file.

how to get snapchat on pc without bluestacks

How to get Snapchat on PC using Remix OS Player

  1. Likewise, download and install the Remix OS Player. It generally takes more time due to its larger file size.
  2. Then download Snapchat and start snapping.


These are some fabulous options to get Snapchat on PC with an installation guide without Bluestacks. So, we suggest downloading the APK files from the trusted or official website as the anonymous sites can infect your PC as they contain malicious files.

Bluestacks 4 is the latest version of it; if you are not satisfied with the above three android apps downloaders, you can give a chance to this. All the above ways to get Snapchat are 100% working and compatible with windows operating system. We guess, you’ve have learned how to get Snapchat on PC without Bluestacks.

Kindly check compatibility and minimum system requirements before installing these emulators instead of Bluestacks. Let us know by commenting down below if you have some installing or operating issues.