Quick Fix To unexpected_kernel_mode_trap ntoskrnl.exe in Windows

Have you faced any crash or error like “unexpected_kernel_mode_trap ntoskrnl.exe” in your System and want someone to analyze it? If yes, then I’m sure this article is going to help you a lot. 

You might have witnessed a situation once your device was crashed by some error stating unexpected_kernel_mode_trap ntoskrnl.exe. In such a scenario, various methods and suggestions will take you out of it.

Examine the “unexpected_kernel_mode_trap ntoskrnl.exe

Would it be best to examine some questions like are all the updates of Windows and device drivers updated? What were the changes you made in your device before the arrival of this problem?

After asking these questions to yourself, you can get a rough idea of this problem’s cause.

Causes of unexpected_kernel_mode_trap ntoskrnl.exe

There can be various reasons for the unexpected_kernel_mode_trap ntoskrnl.exe

Reason-1: CPU generating a trap

It might occur because of the CPU generating a trap or fault which is not caught by the Kernel. It is triggered by breakpoints, access violations, and many more. 

unexpected_kernel_mode_trap ntoskrnl.exe

A trap occurring at the system level can have significant consequences, while a trap happening at the user level is much less fatal. This can also be a bound trap in which the Kernel can’t catch it. 

Reason-2: Outdated driver

There can be a double fault due to another trap’s appearance while processing a current error. Outdated drivers can cause several issues in your PC, so keep this in mind and timely update your device to avoid such kind of problems.

Therefore, the typical causes of error are instruction pointer corruption, breakpoints, access violations, etc.

Methods to resolve unexpected_kernel_mode_trap ntoskrnl.exe

There are various ways to solve the errors, mostly based on the problem’s root cause. Below are some of the fixing procedures to follow;

Quick Fix-1: Boot your device in safe mode

Firstly try to boot your device in safe mode and see whether you can log in or not. If your device performs fine, then you should go for a clean boot. It will help you to identify if any third-party applications or other startup items are causing the issue.

unexpected_kernel_mode_trap ntoskrnl.exe

Quick Fix-2: Check the System files

If the issue continues, you can check the system files using a system file checker tool known as the SFC tool. It will check and replace all the incorrect versions.

unexpected_kernel_mode_trap ntoskrnl.exe

Quick Fix-3: Update drivers

Update drivers come to the rescue if the issue persists. To update your drivers, you must visit your system manufacturer’s website or call them directly.

unexpected_kernel_mode_trap ntoskrnl.exe

Why do ntoskrnl.exe use 100% of the hard disk drive?

There are a few possibilities regarding this. If your hard drive has read errors until failing the read, in such a case, you need to check the system event log for errors and replace the driver as early as you can if you see a lot of such errors.

If your System has an excess number of processes loading at startup, you have to reduce the crap.

There are some cases when programs are deleted rather than uninstalled. In such a situation, the System searches for files that no longer exist on the System.

Check your update history or the system event log if an update failed to install correctly, and the System is trying again to fix it.

Should you delete unexpected_kernel_mode_trap ntoskrnl.exe?

ntoskrnl.exe is also installed as ntkrnlmp and ntkrnlpa. If you delete it, the boot loader will load, but it won’t find any kernel file. After that, you will see a recovery blue screen when you boot your device. If you delete the boot loader, your PC will fail to boot your device using the windows boot manager and try the other boot options.

The Kernel is like the motor of a vehicle, while the boot loader is like a starter. Without the Kernel, the PC won’t work at all and will become useless.

What will happen if the task manager terminated ntoskrnl.exe?

ntoskrnl.exe is itself a part of the Kernel, and Kernel, on the other hand, is the operating System’s backbone. Therefore, there is no such process called ntoskrnl.exe.

There is no such allowance for the task manager to terminate the kernel process. You will get an access denied message. But if you still managed to shut down the process, it will lead to BSOD, and the computer will restart, and everything will be normal again.

How to remove unexpected_kernel_mode_trap ntoskrnl.exe?

Not being able to remove the error may be caused by an inconsistent or faulty ram stick. To fix this problem, you can remove one of the Sticks and see if it fixes the issue. It could be a hardware issue, but there can be a possibility of software issues as well.

You must know the activity performed by you just before the problem started. Check if you installed anything new or not.

If you are still unable to solve the problem, you might have to back up all your data and reinstall everything new.


Thus here we can conclude that there are many ways to solve this problem. All you need is the right source of information. You can try any of the methods mentioned earlier to get rid of such unwanted errors. You need first to figure out the root cause of the problem.

The issue can be hardware related or software-related. There are various tools and applications available nowadays, which can help you find the right solution. So be aware and check the original sites to contact the operators.