Best Xbox Emulator for PC and Android

Gaming fans love to play all the games as soon as they are released. But due to money constraints, not all can afford to buy a new console to play the game. But what if I say, you can play all the games without spending a single extra penny? In this article, we will share ways to play all the Xbox games on the two most used devices PC and Android. Yep, you can play all Xbox games on your PC with the Xbox Emulator and that too without spending anything extra.

Though there is a difference in the gameplay and rendering, with a proper emulator you can play near to the perfect quality. In this article, we will share some of the best Xbox one emulator for PC and Android. There are lots of Xbox emulator available only very few of them works fine. We had done all the research on your behalf and have shortlisted the top five Xbox emulator for your PC and top two Xbox emulator for your android phone.

Xbox Emulator for PC

When it comes to PC emulator, there are quite a few. And on this list, we will share the top 5 of Xbox One/360 Emulator for PC. All the emulators had been tested for its performance.

  1. XEON Emulator
  2. CXBX Emulator
  3. XENIA Emulator
  4. DXBX Emulator
  5. EX360E Emulator (Xbox 360)

CXBX Emulator

CXBX Xbox One/360 Emulator for PC is one of the most powerful emulators of all. It converts your raw ISO files to an executable file. So you can directly run the files on your PC, giving it direct access to the resources of your PC. In case if the emulator is running the game on the virtual environment, the processing power of your PC will be compromised between the emulator Software and the game running environment.

Download CXBX Emulator

It follows wizard type installation. You can easily follow up the wizard to install the CXBX Emulator on your PC. One of the biggest drawbacks of this emulator is, it supports only five games. If you are a fan of Smashing Drive, Battle Cry, Futurama, Whacked, and Turok, you can go for this emulator.

XEON Emulator

XEON Xbox One/360 Emulator for PC is a yet another great emulator. And the best part is, it supports most of the games, unlike CXBX Emulator. If you are a Linux user, this is the only emulator you will ever need. And the emulator is stable and allows you to run the games without any lags. During our testing, we found that there are some glitches when compared to the performance of the emulator and it’s negligible.

Download XEON Emulator

It also has a backup process for saving all your game’s progress. This emulator works with most of the games. And this will be my first choice when comes to playing Xbox games on PC. It is compatible with all the Operating System. It has an inbuilt xISO file to read iso files. The backup wizard is the best part of it.

XENIA Emulator

The working process of Xenia Emulator is much similar to that of CXBX emulator. With Xenia Emulator you can play more than 50 games. When compared to the performance of CXBX, the performance is bit lagging in high-end games. Other normal games work pretty well, hope the issue will be fixed in the next update.

Download XENIA Emulator

The developers are working on this emulator to give better performance and keep it at the top of the chart. So we can except the support of more number of games in the near future.

DXBX Emulator

Form the name you can guess a little bit. DXBX Emulator is created from the same source code as CXBX Emulator. It was intended to provide a wide range of support for more number of games. It works great with both Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. It is compatible with all the version of windows, but the support is only limited to 32 bit. You can use this on the 64 bit Os, by using the compatibility feature.

Download DXBX Emulator

It has preloaded DirectX3D engine to carry out the graphics rendering. Developers are working on this emulator for providing a wide scope of support for other games. So far they had reached 50 games, soon it will be extended.

EX360E Emulator (Xbox 360)

EX360E Emulator is an emerging emulator. Currently, it’s in the experimental phase. The alpha version of the EX360E has released, the performance had been mind-blowing. This emulator converts the XBOX 360 games to an EXE file. And you can directly play the game on your PC. The conversion is different for different games.

Download EX360E Emulator

The developers are working on a common algorithm to convert all the Xbox ISO files to EXE files. Surprisingly this works with most of the games. It was designed for Xbox 360 but you can also convert Xbox one games to EXE files. Currently, the graphics performance is lagging. And it does need some major tweaks for better performance. It also has a Graphical User Interface for Easy Setup.

These are the top five Xbox One/360 Emulator for PC. All this emulator are tested for its performance and reliability. We hope this section helps you to play all your favorite Xbox games on your PC. Make sure to have a robust machine for maximum performance.

Xbox One/360 Emulator for Android

According to the latest statistics, smartphones are the most widely used device of mid-2019. Most of the sites have 55%+ mobile traffic and the trend had changed to smartphones now. So in this section, we will share a couple of apps to play Xbox One or Xbox 360 games on android. Unbelievably there are lots of not working apps on the play store named as Xbox Emulators. We had done all the research on your behalf. And found that there are only two legitimate apps for playing Xbox games on Android. Both these app works with Android 4.0 and above.

Xbox 360 Emulator APK

This app allows you to run Xbox 360 games on your smartphone. The performance and graphics are scaled down based on the phone you are using. And the games you can play are limited due to the hardware limitation for your device. The installation is similar to other apps. Just download the apk file and tap on it to install the Xbox 360 Emulator. Make sure to “Allow installation from unknown sources”.

Download Xbox 360 Emulator apk

Xbox One Emulator Apk

When compared to the Xbox 360 Emulator, Xbox One emulator are available in low numbers. So the probability of finding a working emulator is pretty low. We had done all the research on your behalf and found a very few working emulator apps. The original pixels of the game are reduced to the match the pixels of your smartphone. So the quality of the game is reduced. And you can’t expect all the functions of the Xbox on your Smartphone. The functionality is restricted to a certain level. You can download the Xbox One Emulator Apk from the below link.

Xbox One Emulator Apk

These are the Best Xbox One and Xbox 360 Emulator for PC and Android. Hope the article is informative and useful. If you are facing any issue during the installation of this Xbox emulator or any other issue, do comment below.