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Forget that cloak Harry Potter, AVG announces invisibility glasses

by Gizmoration March 2, 2015
Let’s be clear right off the bat, you won’t be slipping these glasses on and disappearing from the people around you, though there are times you may want to. However the name of the new product from AVG lends itself to these comparisons, though the actual glasses are a bit different from what the imagination [...]
Invisibility cloak

Harry Potter-like Invisibility Cloak Unveiled By Scientists

by Matthew Lucason March 26, 2013
If you have seen J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter movies you already have an idea about the invisibility cloak and maybe you even wish to have one in your closet. Actually this type of technology already exists, but it works only in microwave light.Well until now. Thanks to scientists from the University of Texas, Austin, we might [...]